Dear zealous politicians subservient to interests other than the common good, propaganda journalists at the service of the government’s narrative, freewheeling expertocrats with conflicts of interest, diligent doctors who are followers of the vaccine dogma and who have renounced their Hippocratic oath, and other ideologues of covidism…

We have endured a lot of humiliation, deprivation, invective, guilt, and stupid and unfounded decisions. Some have been left out in the cold, others have lost years of investment in time or money, and still others have seen their mental state or that of a loved one deteriorate severely. Often, in the end, to undergo reluctantly a medical act far from being harmless: the injection of an experimental substance and this, under the pressure of your totalitarianism of cowards as abject as perverse and insidious!

For what result?

Here we are again, almost at the starting point according to your own criteria, once again forced to be subjected to a pseudo-sanitary policy made of bricks and mortar causing more damage than the evil that is supposed to be eradicated, all punctuated by measures with efficacy as dubious as your good sense or your honesty!

But today you are taking a step, THE step too far! You are going to attack what the « little people » — whom you have already blithely bullied — value the most… The reason why the majority of humble honest citizens — whom you seem to despise — get up every morning… The apple of our eyes, OUR CHILDREN!

And for what reason?

For their own good? For the collective interest? No ! It is now well known that vaccination against covid does not prevent the circulation of the virus. That these hastily developed vaccines have only a relative ability to reduce the risk of severe forms… Do children get severe forms of covid? No ! It is a disease that, in the vast majority of cases, does not concern them! Not to mention the most serious: a clearly negative benefit/risk balance in view of the accumulation of numerous listed side effects, some of which are extremely serious and scandalously underestimated!

So what is the objective of this future campaign?

Enriching the shareholders of a multinational pharmaceutical company that has already been sentenced, along with its subsidiaries, to several billion dollars for fraud and corruption? Doing a service to lawless societies that usurp the principles of science and truncate medicine, but to whom one must give the Good Lord without confession?

Or is the objective ideological? Believing against all odds that a solution that didn’t work can produce results by going further and further? Do you continue your headlong rush to cover up your failures and incompetence? If not malice…

All this is unacceptable!

So from now on you will meet determined, self-sacrificing people with the energy of hope and self-preservation that has kept humanity going for millennia despite periods overwhelmed by the actions of people of your nature, something that your opportunistic and cynical little people with deeply corrupted souls cannot understand.…

I solemnly tell you that many of us will no longer be afraid of anything! Not from censorship, not from social or professional pressure, not from your watchdogs, not from disciplinary orders! Not even from the justice or the police if they are quick to support a coercion that will make us martyrs… Because the love we have for our children will crush any form of fear you would like to instill in our hearts!

Today, the determined people will put all their strength into this war to protect the children with a ferocity that you do not even understand! Today, a turning point of the war begins! Today, dear covido-Nazis, your plan to attack children will be your Stalingrad! And we will push you back, with the help of God, Karma, or some providence, it doesn’t matter… But we will push you back and push… Until you are cornered, fallen, judged, and punished!!! On that day, you won’t be able to say you didn’t know… On that day, you won’t be able to fool anyone with your McKinsey-esque com formulas…

In the name of all healthy and transcendent values, not only will you not touch our children, but you may pay dearly for your impudence!

Let’s hear it!

A family man, uncle and godfather who will fight to the end!

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