Revolution, revolt, rebellion… Or civic disobedience?

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Caramba! The next world has not yet arrived. Start-up nationsWhatever it takes (cuckoo Manu) and hoping for better days (who must have tried to take a plane when an old volcano was awakening), the money is getting longer, the financial chasms are getting bigger, the capitalist states are emptying their pockets and it is in front of the eyes of millions, billions of people, that the pockets are being created While waiting for the imprecations, the multiplication of mantras and the repeated calls to fear, resilience, yaka and faukon (unlike the real ones, who still govern) and vigilance are bearing fruit (my little finger tells me that it is not necessarily won), multiple movements are born, here and there, claiming many different motives and taking on four emblematic names (at least) but not at all synonymous. What if we took a step back and looked at them through the lens of semantic exploration? Revolution, revolt, rebellion, slingshot: since the Yellow Vests crisis, we hear …
  1. Suivez mon regard, jusqu’au Palais de l’Elysée. Il doit bien y rester quelques exemplaires de cet ouvrage dans le bureau de Brigitte.
  2. L’Homme révolté. On peut le trouver facilement, à côté de Révolution, dans le bureau de Brigitte ou dans les meilleures librairies, désormais considérées comme essentielles, Alleluia !
  3. « La dictature, c’est « ferme ta gueule », la démocratie, c’est « cause toujours » Coluche.

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