Refused at press conferences. Until when?

Mr. Detry,

Since April 24, you have denied us access to the press conference following the National Security Council. Since then, you have been justifying reduced accessibility by « social distancing »; in the midst of deconfinement, shouldn’t these rules change? 

Furthermore, you assured us that we could pass on to other journalists the questions that we cannot ask ourselves during press conferences. We have proven, because of their systematic refusal, that this is not possible. 

You also told us that we could send our questions to the Minister and that you had not received anything, even though questions had already been sent to you. In the meantime, we have done our part and sent you some more. We are still waiting for answers from the Minister. 

As a reminder, these were: 

- How does the government justify the sudden availability of masks when caregivers have been without them for so long?

- Why doesn’t the government regulate the price of these masks, as is done in other countries?

- What will the Belgian government do with the money collected from the breach of the containment rules? Will it be donated to associations, will it be used to purchase sanitary equipment? Will it be used to fill the equipment gap in hospitals? Or will it be used for other purposes that have nothing to do with the current health crisis?

- Is it appropriate to maintain the purchase of the F‑35?

I also did not get any real answer to my question of April 15, namely:  » What democratic legitimacy is there to take certain decisions when most of the members who decide and think are part of the multinationals and the world of finance ?

What links does the government have with Vesalius Biocapital, given that Philippe De Backer worked there?

The question I did not ask deserves an answer as well, in view of the economic crisis and the chain of bankruptcies to come, presaging an unprecedented social drama: What about tax havens and tax evasion, where billions leave Belgium every year without passing through the state coffers? Will those who are supposed to represent us act on this, so that it is not always the same people who pay? 

We look forward to hearing from you. 


Alexandre Penasse

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