Manipulate the planet! When the experts prepare us for it

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Louis Trouveroy Very few people have heard of the LOHAFEX or SPICE projects. And that’s normal. There has been very little, if any, press coverage, probably to avoid provoking a much-needed reflection on geoengineering and its implications. LOHAFEX is the project of a German-Indian team of scientists aiming to test a technique of ocean fertilization by adding iron particles (LOHA = iron in Hindi; fex = fertilization experiment); in 2009, the German and Indian governments gave their authorization for a mission which took place between January 7 and March 17, 2009. It consisted in drowning 6 tons of fine iron particles in the waters of the Southern Atlantic Ocean over an area of about 300 km². The objective was to show that it was possible to stimulate phytoplankton production and thus massively increase CO2 sequestration. The generalization of this practice, its initiators hoped, could thus contribute massively to limiting global warming. In addition to the fact that the first result …
  1. Ce texte qui suit est largement inspiré du rapport « La grande fraude climatique » publié par l’ETC Group, Biofuelwatch et la fondation Heinrich Böll. Je ne peux que conseiller vivement la lecture de ce rapport disponible sur le site

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