Like a cow that pisses

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Emilie Saitas Let me be very clear about this: there is not an ounce of seriousness in the article that I propose to deliver to you. Neither a great truth, nor a big lie, just a digression that you may find welcome in these times as heavy as they are gloomy, as exasperating as they are artificially filled with hope. The other day, during a training session that was actually quite nice — imagine for two seconds: being at home, at your table, in front of a computer, for 4 hours almost without a break! — A discussion, which was very timely, put on the exchange field a question as unexpected as interesting (you be the judge): « What about you, did you get your vaccine? » Forget about the refugees, the wars in Yemen and Congo, the terrorist attacks in Pakistan and Burkina Faso. Neglect the loss of a series of individual liberties and the forgetting of the gestures that make the salt of social life, and you will obtain this formidable question that makes this word pass for the Grail o …

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