It’s not dramatic, but we’re preparing you for it…

Giving a sense of urgency, in the face of  » deteriorating pandemic statistics(1) « … The opportunity to apply for the first time the pandemic law, a life-size test for a controlled cut of the Belgians, with « theThe goal is to « re-sensitize » the entire population to the fact that the virus has not disappeared .(2) We should not forget that if we are not vaccinated, we can die from Covid at any time. A  » team of 11 million « , this time truly, obedient and servile.

While we have been arguing for almost two years, supported by numerous testimonies, that the PCR tests as used in Belgium and all over the world are not adapted to diagnose Covid patients, the vaccine propaganda has been able to be set up thanks to these distorted « cases », the state control over the practice of general practitioners, the assertion of the absence of alternative treatments, the anguish, the guilt and the stigmatization…

Faire-parts as a compass to manage Belgium (Press conference of February 27, 2021)

- Question by Alexandre Penasse:« All political measures are based on figures that come from PCR tests of which Mr. Van Laethem said that the amplification cycle was much too high, he said so in Ceci n’est pas un complot. Are you finally going to take into account the opinions of other scientists, other studies that say that we must take much lower amplification cycles and that we will no longer confuse positive cases with Covid patients? Because in terms of cost-benefit, it is a bit catastrophic what is happening? »

- Alexander De Croo’s answer: « Sir, you can doubt many things, and many facts. But if you read the newspapers, you will see that in the newspapers there is one thing you see much more, and that is announcements. We see a lot more announcements in the newspapers. So you can doubt a lot of things, but this is a reality. This is a reality that cannot be denied ».

These « vaccines », in experimental phase, whose age of inoculation is progressively pushed back to approach the newborn, women being already and in an unprecedented way encouraged to be vaccinated with a product of which we know very little of the associated risks, and which we want to give by force to the caregivers, more applauded for the occasion. These vaccinated, whose patent decipherers of « fake news » affirmed us at the beginning of September, without knowing the figures, that it was false to state that they swelled the ranks of the hospitalized Covid patients(3), whereas hardly two months later, they announced us that  » the immune response is lower AND declines faster after vaccination. This is why a 3rd dose is offered to those 65 years and older. These so-called « breakthrough » infections are also a warning signal that the virus is circulating intensely « (4).

It is not surprising that in the Gosselies clinic, out of 20 covid cases, 10 come from the geriatric unit and are vaccinated. Repeat: vaccination protects you. Even if it doesn’t protect you.

The reality is always there to confirm their expectations. If people died last year, it was because they were not vaccinated, not because of immune weakness due to co-morbidities; if vaccinated people die today, it is because the immune response declines after vaccination, due in part to co-morbidities, never because of the « vaccine. If the vaccine, the only solution, is not effective, it is because the variants arrive, numerous and more contagious, and that the cause is therefore to be found in the third dose not yet made. If the « cures » are likely to be worse than the disease, that’s okay, « on analysis will be made afterwards of what the overall cost of the pandemic was and whether the measures taken were the right ones or not » (Alexander De Croo, press conference and answer to my question, 24 March 2021). If young people in the 25–44 age group are over-mortalized compared to the same period last year  » and despite Covid vaccination: ‘It’s astonishing’(5) « , just  » astonishing « , the article not trying to dig beyond this « astonishment ». It’s just that it might reveal some particularly disturbing things… If « positives » are increasing, it’s not because there’s more testing, it’s because there are more positives. That’s all.

Will the vaccination against Covid have had the effect of aggravating the disease it claims to fight and paradoxically pushing even more people to be vaccinated? 

And if you are going crazy, it is not because the false and the true are mixed, that you are constantly lied to. No. It’s just because of you, only you, who don’t understand. Or could it be a new symptom of covid?

Control at school

Last week, a father, with his daughter by his side, was talking to a teacher outside the school, masked. I understood that the child could not enter the facility:  » You can come back when she has a positive PCR test . The father complied, asking for clarification: « It’ s the PCR, if it’s negative, is it okay?

Walking around the school, I passed two moms with their child, also turned away. They explained to me that the third grade class was closed because of three positive cases of Covid. Three children who certainly had to stay at home for more than a day because they were not feeling well. The school then had to condition the return of these to a negative PCR test. The results and the consequence were not long in coming: the closing of a class of second primary, followed by those of 4th, 5th, 6th.

This Monday, it was crowded in front of the school. After the weekend, the children had to show a clean bill of health: negative PCR or no school this week.

Let us ask ourselves some questions, approaching them from two angles: the scientific basis behind these decisions and the harmful and dangerous effects of these measures.

In an article published by Kairos, Martin Zizi had extensively addressed the issue of these PCR tests,  » which have been made the cornerstone of this health, social and economic debacle « .

Some ideas, essential to understand why the type of use that is made of PCRs truncates reality, were developed there:

- Positive PCR test does not equal infection:  » This means that a positive PCR does not automatically equate to infection (a given for all molecular biologists). Germs simply live among us. For example, almost all of us have staphylococcal germs on our skin at one time or another. The frequency is between 20–30% at any given time, and 66% of people have this germ on their skin intermittently, but repeatedly. If we did PCRs on thousands of people tomorrow, we would almost always have between 30% and 66% of « positive cases » in the entire random population. How many of us have a staph infection of the skin? Almost nobody! Do you understand the problem now? So a disease is not the same as a positive PCR test. « .

Thus, testing all children when there is one « case » in the class makes no sense. Unless we want to generate fear and close schools.

- The essential (absent) debate on PCR cycles and calibration:  » PCRs amplify the genetic material to be measured per cycle, each cycle doubling the mass of what is to be measured (…) In Belgium,  » we were happily doing 35 cycles, where the million per ml is reached at around 23 cycles according to our own standards (this figure fluctuating only by a few units depending on the machine used)!  » (…) Above this threshold (called « Ct » in the PCR results) of 23, one can conclude that: this is not an infection! If these tests are repeated with too many cycles, the results become random and non-specific and are no longer reliable: i.e. the SAME sample could be positive once, negative once… so the test gives no valid information « .

As for the effects on the psychological health of children, learning, socialization, family life … we will not explain here their dramatic character. And don’t wait for the government to do it. it
 » See you later « …, and « later », he will not draw any conclusion and will not tell you anything about it. 

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