In Watermael-Boitsfort, for the CST, we choose before voting

As in Latvia, where unvaccinated members of parliament are no longer allowed to vote 1The mayor of the Brussels municipality of Watermael-Boitsfort, Olivier Deleuze, has decided, alone, that from now on, elected officials and citizens wishing to attend the municipal council, will have to present a Covid Safe Ticket (CST or health pass) which attests that the person is: either fully vaccinated, or in possession of a negative PCR test carried out within 48 hours, or a negative antigenic test carried out within 24 hours, or a certificate of recovery less than 6 months old for persons already infected by the coronavirus.

The funny thing is that the mayor has decided to make access to the local council conditional on the possession of a CST on the day when… the elected representatives vote to demand the application of the CST, which is already in force… In the letter sent to the local councillors, the mayor states:

 » Presentation of a Covid Safe Ticket will be required at the entrance, for advisors and the public. In accordance with Article 134 NLC, this order of the Mayor shall be confirmed by the Municipal Council. The draft resolution, which will be submitted as a matter of urgency, will be sent to you as soon as possible. « .

Democracy now consists of confirming decisions already made. It is assumed that the holdouts will not attend the November 16 Common Council meeting, but according to the information we received, those who boycotted only did so because they felt it was too early to meet « face-to-face. All complied and unanimously endorsed the mayor’s order. Kafkaesque, isn’t it?

Some thoughts here:

- What is the logic of asking councilors and the public to submit a CSE, but  » not council staff acting in the course of their work?  »

- can we tolerate a mayor’s unilateral decision to limit access to a place where democratic decisions are supposed to be made?

- Should a municipality submit to regional and federal injunctions and impose insidious measures whose function is not to protect, but to push for  » complete vaccination [qui] remains the main response to the epidemiological evolution . Should the communal power be the instrument to  » reduce the circulation of the virus and the hospital burden « , to reach  » the minimum threshold of 70% of complete vaccination rate in all the communes of the country, as an intermediate step towards a complete vaccination of the population?

Above all, these questions arise when we now know:

- that a majority of people hospitalized with covid are vaccinated(1);

- that vaccines do not protect against covid and its transmission;

- that PCR tests make no sense to be generalized other than as a diagnostic tool (i.e. in the presence of symptoms);

- Finally, that the deaths and side effects of the vaccine are more and more numerous and that, in front of a very low mortality of the covid, we can certainly think that the benefit risk of the vaccination is negative.

What will Mr. Deleuze, who has already encouraged the presence of a weekly vaccibus in his town, do when they come to steal our children in elementary school, kindergartens, and then in nurseries, to finish in the maternity wards of hospitals. No doubt he will issue an ordinance requiring vaccination of this public, and then ask for a vote for it…

Notes et références
  2. Kristiaan Deckers, médecin-chef à l’hôpital de Gand qui expliquait à la télévision que ceux qui parlent de «pandémie de non-vaccinés» se trompent, que depuis un certain temps, les personnes hospitalisées et admises en ICU sont toutes vaccinées. Le vaccin ne protège ni de l’infection, ni de l’hospitalisation, ni des cas graves.

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