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« World » for example. This is the term that the Latins had chosen to express the Greek idea of cosmos. There is cosmos when there is harmony, when a plurality of elements form a unity. To ask ourselves in which « world » we live, is therefore to lend a lot to our social and political situation. Where is the unity when, in the relationship of man to nature and to other humans, the divorce seems consummated? By its antibacterial virtues and its frenetic use, the hydro-alcoholic gel says something about our vain hope to build an empire within an empire, a zone of prophylaxis in the ample bosom of nature. The sanitary mask, on the other hand, symbolizes the only thing that still brings us together: the « good reflexes » of « social distancing ». « All united against the virus » — and all agreed to reduce the organ of speech to an orifice from which it could emerge. In what world… ? The preposition « in » is therefore even problematic: are we in this world if it is no longer a world? Do we share …
  1. L’auteur avait reçu une question identique, si ce n’est la fin: «Dans quel monde vivons-nous, en 2021?»

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