Imagining tomorrow

« The world is crazy, the world is beautiful! » said the popular singer Julio Iglesias, forty years ago. Whereas almost invariably, at the beginning of their lives, it seems that men would rather share the impression that « the world has changed… ». So, what kind of world do we live in? An unchanging world or a world of change? In demographic explosion or in ecological regression? Rhythmic by our ages as much as by the eras, wouldn’t the world be rather characterized, according to the seasons, as the mirror of our moods and our projections? 

But be careful, because it would be wrong to believe that we all live in the same world. Some still live in a rooted society where time still seems to be suspended. The relationship to humanity has not changed. The circuits are short, chickens live in the courtyards, the jams are home-made, the cereals are crushed. Men are largely connected to a transcendence that they consult. Others live in an uprooted society, where technology has replaced time. Systems are becoming more and more complex, not solving human relationships but rather suppressing them. And men recover, by way of transcendence, the assurance of not lacking anything, on the way to a universal income. Politicians seem to be excited about this system. And the governments take actions, step by step, which have no other outcome than to make us accept the degradation: 

- of our species and many other species, by human-animal chimeras and various genetic modifications, as well as by the externalization of our reproduction; 

- of our individual and sovereign freedom, with the implementation of QR codes to come and go, surveillance drones and facial recognition; 

- of all our relations, by tracing them (currently under the excuse of contact cases), and then the ongoing replacement of money by more and more virtual concepts. 

Finally, who can say what tomorrow will look like? Wouldn’t this be the most obvious change in our era compared to others? This inability to imagine « tomorrow », with all the gravity of what that means for a youth. For indeed, on the margins of these coexisting realities, a world of substitution, of interchangeable realities, is well and truly taking shape. A change in priorities that plunges us individually and collectively into great uncertainty. Our world is in pain. He has lost many of his reference points, and in particular the standards of reference that can be the Beautiful, the True, the Heart. Loneliness, idleness, idleness, trafficking of all kinds, and addictions surround us, while the psychiatric ills accumulate: collective death anxiety, regression, lowering of the mental level, ego cleavage, dissociation, paranoid defenses… Nature also seems to suffer if we believe the disappearance of a third of the birds in France, in 15 years! 

Speaking of disappearance and reconnection to reality, what happened to that unfortunate Chinese doctor who, believing he was advancing science, was the first to warn of the viral origin of what has become a pandemic? Isn’t it good, sometimes, to recall the most trivial facts? So trivial, that in a moment of madness — caught in a mental tsunami of a crisis that has gone on for too long — we could have totally forgotten them! Thus, this basic evidence that neither you — who think you have become my enemy -, nor I — who think I can no longer understand you — have chosen to be here! Neither you nor I chose to be born! Yet here we are, you and I, enemies or indifferent, annoyed or amazed, here we are, embarked on the same adventure that neither you nor I have chosen… Some people call it a hassle, others see it as a race against the clock! Except that lately, you and I have observed that it has taken on the sad appearance of a « masquerade », with masks (yes, yes!) on open-ended contracts, and in ways that were totally unknown to us not even a year ago! We then fought with all our strength not to be overwhelmed! You have fought for life through great observance of all these new rules. I fought for my life with alerts denouncing this very observance which seemed to me to be against the current of what should be done. However, both of us, caught in the trap of this pause of our lives, of its dramas, its joys, its sorrows, doubts and certainties, on a common background of giant incomprehension, we struggled. And since we did not let ourselves be swallowed up, what weakens us makes us strong! 

Stronger if we realize — in time — that we are all being carried away by the flood of modernity, which Bernanos said was  » a conspiracy against interiority « . Against this conspiracy, if we decide to do so, a covenant of love can link us to each other, if only based on the equality of not having chosen to be here! Thus, if in 1939–45, it is conceivable that if we had all sewn yellow stars to our jackets, the course of History would have been changed, in the same way, today, it remains conceivable that a collective and massive refusal to enjoy the least advantage conferred by a health pass modifies the course of History… On the other hand, if we remain with our noses down and our eyes plunged into the screens that divide us everywhere, hope is diminished. It’s time to proudly raise our heads to the world around us, to set our own boundaries and create our own living space. 

Friends, why not try to make this journey together, amazed by the blue sky… even beyond the clouds, because we can take the challenge to imagine… tomorrow! 

Dr. Alexandra Henrion-Caude, geneticist, research director 

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