Imagining tomorrow

« The world is crazy, the world is beautiful! » said the popular singer Julio Iglesias, forty years ago. Whereas almost invariably, at the beginning of their lives, it seems that men would rather share the impression that « the world has changed… ». So, what kind of world do we live in? An unchanging world or a world of change? In demographic explosion or in ecological regression? Rhythmic by our ages as much as by the eras, wouldn’t the world be rather characterized, according to the seasons, as the mirror of our moods and our projections? But be careful, because it would be wrong to believe that we all live in the same world. Some still live in a rooted society where time still seems to be suspended. The relationship to humanity has not changed. The circuits are short, chickens live in the courtyards, the jams are home-made, the cereals are crushed. Men are largely connected to a transcendence that they consult. Others live in an uprooted society, where technology has replaced time. …

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