I accuse!

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Letter from Dr. Colignon to the Order of Physicians

Brussels, December 20, 2021,

Mr. President of the Order of Hainaut,
Members of the Commission of Inquiry,

Dr. Michèle Gérard, an infectious disease specialist close to Yves van Laethem at the CHU Saint-Pierre, filed a complaint against me with the Ordre des médecins. Filed on March 20, 2021, the complaint was received on May 5, 2021, by the Board’s Office, which decided on May 12, 2021, to place it under investigation. I am therefore invited to appear on January 18, 2022 at 8 p.m. at the headquarters of the Order of Hainaut, rue des Archers 6b, 7000 Mons.

Here is the substance of the complaint:

This legally indigent deposition resembles a letter from the readers of « tele-mosquito ». However, it contains rigorously accurate information that needs to be expanded even further.


I plead guilty. I do prescribe ivermectin, in combination with hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin, after a thorough history, careful verbal contact with the patient and, if necessary, after a clinical examination.

The advice I give on Covid treatment is anything but aberrant since it is based on studies that are not polluted by conflicts of interest. These studies — which I present in my plays — do not have the weakness of the RCTs where a blind doctor, ignoring what he does, ignores what he measures and signs, for hard cash, a blank check to the industry.

I believe that Dr. Gérard and all the doctors who did not prescribe these early ambulatory treatments by limiting themselves to calming the anguish of their patients with paracetamol until they suffocate, will not be able to eternally take refuge behind the shield of an incompetent government and experts compromised by conflicts of interest to justify this unacceptable abandonment of the ship


I plead guilty! Yes, I am anti-vaccine… But not at all in the sense that Dr. Gerard, who examined my comments with unbearable lightness, implies. I studied like her, with a degree that must be as good as hers. I know what an RNA virus is, I know what an epitope is, I know what a vaccine is. Some vaccines are part of the miracles of science.

Although it must be said that the SARS vaccines are far from being miracles, I have never questioned their poor performance, but the illegal and immoral way in which they are implemented.


Doctor Philippe Boxho, Vice-President of the National Order and Professor of Deontology at the University of Liege, a doctor who occupies the highest step of the deontological podium in Belgium, will forgive me this plagiarism. I could not resist the pleasure of borrowing this aphorism from him. I totally agree with his point of life expressed with clarity in the columns of the evening of March 2, 2021.

However, one point remains unclear. Dr. Boxho insisted in this interview that he was not speaking on behalf of the Order of Physicians, but as a professor of deontology at the University of Liege. Why this curious oratorical precaution before revealing to the journalist in a tone close to confidence: « what is happening for the moment is a horror »!

For what obscure reason does a subject that « horrifies » a doctor who speaks unequivocally in the name of his Alma Mater, leave him hopelessly mute when he occupies the seat of Pontifex Maximus at the National Order?

Has the Order given out any instructions? Who ordered the Order to be silent? Are those who claim that Mr. Benoît Dejemeppe is obstructing any ethical discussion of the health crisis also conspirators, or are they peddling in the silence of the corridors a truth that has no place in official circles?


Dr. Gérard attached to his letter a screen shot of my website where I wrote that the health crisis was being managed by clowns! I admit, on this point, that I lacked moderation. I ask forgiveness to the clowns who did not deserve this

Through the provisions of the vaccine plan, the state violates:

  • The Royal Decrees n°78 and 79 of November 10, 1967
  • The Law of August 22, 2002 on the rights of the patient
  • Article 458 of the penal code
  • Article 1108 of the Civil Code,
  • The Council of Europe resolution 2361, etc…

And the Order is silent! 

I confirm and qualify all the charges brought against me by Dr. Gerard. I will take responsibility for them, on behalf of my patients, so that they will never again be treated like dogs. You will find an updated page on my site where all the archives are listed. You can read all my views on the crisis.

Yes, Mr. President, I will be there on January 18 at 8:00 p.m… Not to defend myself, but to defend my patients, to defend the high idea I have of my profession and to prevent our already ragged democracy from falling into the nauseating ditches of the future world described quite rightly by Jacques Attali in « Fraternities — A New Utopia », where he claimed that  » if the market were to prevail over democracy, it would steer science in directions that would threaten humanity.  »

To this end, you will ensure that my most basic rights are respected, in accordance with your disciplinary procedure note:

to know:

  • The right to be confronted with the complainant, namely Dr. Michèle Gérard.
  • The right to request the hearing of witnesses, namely the hearing of Dr. Philippe Boxho, Vice-President of our National Order.
  • The right to call other witnesses, if necessary.
  • The right to have a magistrate present during the preparatory investigation and the debates, in order to control the regularity of the law.
  • The right to receive a copy of my hearing, or better yet, its recording.

And secondly, given the major importance of the subject that will be investigated, and since you wish in a project of reform of the Order, more transparency at the first level of disciplinary procedures, I beg you, humbly, to allow Mr. Alexandre Penasse, journalist, to be present.

As far as I am concerned, as transparency is as important to me as it is to you, I will communicate to this journalist, one of the few who has remained free in Belgium, the content of all our exchanges, of whatever nature they may be.

Yours sincerely

Alain Colignon

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