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Press conference on February 27, 2021

595 days since the press conference of April 15, 2020, where we introduced in the room  » a politically biased question « , which  » is not the habit of journalists « , says Sophie Wilmès. The habit of journalists is to ask the questions that politicians expect and to comment on their decisions, rather than to seek the truth. The mass media do not play the role of a fourth estate, but rather manufacture consent. Not being adept at such collusion, the political power will close the doors of press conferences for more than eight months. We were not counting on our determination…

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, Kairos will publish the 17 press conferences we attended. More than 20 unanswered questions. In front of them, no doubts, no questioning, no desire to understand, but a fixed, rigid end that justifies all their means. 

Imagine for a moment if all these issues had been debated democratically. Do you think we would be there today?


-Alexandre Penasse: All political measures are based on figures that come from PCR tests which Mr. Van Laethem said that the amplification cycle was much too high, he said so in « This is not a conspiracy ». Are you finally going to take into account the opinions of other scientists, other studies that say that we must take much lower amplification cycles and that we will no longer confuse positive cases with Covid patients? Because in terms of cost-benefit, what is happening is a bit catastrophic.

-Alexander De Croo: Sir, you can doubt many things, and many facts. But if you read the newspapers, you will see that in the newspapers, there is one thing that we see much more, and that is announcements. We see a lot more announcements in the newspapers. So you can doubt a lot of things, but this is a reality. This is a reality that cannot be denied.

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