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It’s not easy to sell new cars in early 2021. The confinements, the obligation of telecommuting, the discovery by many of the joys of cycling… all of this has largely reduced automobile traffic. Cars wear out less, so they don’t have to be replaced so quickly… So car advertising has to be more energetic and cunning to encourage people to buy. This is one of the few positive consequences of the pandemic, road traffic decreased in 2020, for example by 20% in Belgium(1). This has had positive consequences: the reduction of air pollution, which is so harmful to health, the reduction of traffic jams (in Brussels, the share of traffic jams has dropped from 38% to 29%), and the reduction of the number of people who are unable to get to work.(2)) and the decrease in the number of accidents (-20%) and deaths (-22%) on Belgian roads.(3) In addition to all this good news, there is another one for growth objectors: the drop in new car sales: ‑24.3% in Europe.(4) The automobil …
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