D‑code campaign for fundamental rights and freedoms — Joint action of various associations and collectives

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Brussels, November 30, 2021

Trace Your Circle, Our Good Law, Charta21, I Love My Constitution & other associations and collectives are launching a vast communication campaign to defend fundamental rights and freedoms. A logo, the D‑code, representing a bird breaking free from a QR-code, will be distributed everywhere to create a link between citizens. The D‑code will be the emblem of the civil society and associations — bearing the values of freedom and democracy — fighting against all discriminatory and liberticidal measures, such as the Covid Safe Ticket.

As a reminder, the Covid Safe Ticket is a measure that induces segregation between citizens. The Court of First Instance of Namur ruled, in summary proceedings, that the Covid Safe Ticket is illegal in the Walloon Region on Tuesday 30 November 2021. We wish to see a management of this health crisis based on rationality and coherent decisions, taking into account all the dimensions of our life in society: well-being, living together, the need for human contact, the care of our elders and our children, the hotel and catering industry, culture, sport, education, our health care system,… 

Our society must once again become united and truly supportive, without stigmatizing any part of its population and without latent violence towards people who make different choices. The D‑code campaign will be marked by benevolence, respect, solidarity, pacifism and unity. Wearing the pin with the D‑code logo will create a link between citizens, display our values of rights and freedoms and reconnect with others. We are reclaiming the public space and opening up the dialogue for all citizens.

The associations Trace Ton Cercle, Notre Bon Droit, Charta21 — supported by the collectives I Love My Constitution, Re-Start Life, Horeca Wallonie, Resto Bar BXL, Wakeup and many other citizen movements to come — thank the artist who created this beautiful logo: the D‑code.

About: Trace Ton Cercle, Notre Bon Droit, Charta21, as well as the aforementioned collectives, are associations and collectives that have carried out actions for the respect of human rights, for the taking into account of the specific interests of children and teenagers and for the protection of our private life in the context of the health crisis as well as for the good functioning of the Horeca sector, of culture, of companies or of the living together.

● D‑code badges are reserved for the press and are available upon request via dcodebelgium@gmail.com.

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