COVID19: a left-wing residue shakes the harness against the political psychosis of consent to official discourse

To each his own — triumph 2021 of atomization and reduction of common sense ad rationem congruam: two, three reliable friends? For us — who is it? ‑It goes back to August 1914: anyone who still waved the rattle of the left, progress and democracy stank of carrion. Others waited for the Russian catastrophe, when the rabid dogs of Leninist progress installed capitalism, under the pretext of fighting it, where it didn’t exist, so to speak. ‑and on what a scale! Certainly, these same modernists, all dressed in red, Taylorists and contemptuous of the peasantry, briefly raised the flag of dignity, in 1917, from the bottom of this giant mass grave that had become in the sight of (almost) everyone their dear modern civilization, with its great universal values coming from the depths of the West: genocide and exploitation. The Bolsheviks wanted — to overcome all this. But not to interrupt it, nay! the big industry, it was too good… The proletariat of the northern part of the ‘world’, after 1945, would finally gorge itself on all the possible merchandise that automation and intensive accumulation was able to vomit out, thanks to the Great Fordist Compromise. On top of the corpses, therefore, we would have the current giant dump, 6th continent of floating filth, apotheosis of the intelligent species. The left, it was thus, as Albiac had seen it well, only the left of the capital. The alert Pasolini had also warned: « I am a communist, not a leftist ». There were certainly the Chinese, who tried once or twice to do something else, in 1958 and then in 1966, but for what results? then the Khmer Rouge, who also tried to pull the plug on Cambodia, but still nothing but catastrophe on the horizon. The anarchists have never been mistaken, on the left, or almost (let’s leave the episode of the Largo Caballero government). And not for having made the beautiful soul: if they armed themselves in the Spain of 1936, the bucolic omelette of their agrarian vein had also atrociously broken before the hour many eggs in the Khmer way.

For a long time, we have been looking for alibis for the extreme left-wing in question: nay. Let’s go back to the so-called health crisis. Doesn’t the Mouvement communiste group write that a proletarian health policy means: vaccines for everyone, and haro on those who imagine they have the right to contaminate? The same is true of PCB 1, 2 and 3. If the government says so, it’s for the general interest, right? Let’s leave this raft of the jellyfish, which still thinks it is a potential liner. Well, divine surprise, some ‘on the Left’, by their own admission, are once again thinking that the business committee of the bourgeoisie, as Marx said, might not be sleeping in the same bed as them. In a text full of hyperboles and exclamation marks, a collective whose communiqué is attached gets red-hot against the gogôche of its master, who has been making friends with the bourgeois state since the carnage of 1914, without the white prolo from the North, who votes placidly, being bothered. Better than nothing.

As for us at Kairos, we did not wait for the CSE. Since the first containment in 2020, Governments never tried to hide, even at the height of their media bombardment, what would quickly become apparent to anyone who wanted to see: no health crisis occurred, but 0.3% lethality (not even double that of seasonal flu), 79 years average age and 95% co-morbidity among victims — the latest WHO figures to our knowledge. What we have is a fictitious state of emergency that re-enacts, within the legal framework of the sovereign dictatorship installed twenty years ago by the Patriot Acts of the whole world, this very fundamental terrorist political gesture that consists in obtaining not only the submission but also the consent of the populations subjected to its order. By the mafia protection that it claims In exchange for the loyalty of its protégés, the state of capital legitimizes the founding violence that inaugurates it and guarantees the docility necessary to unleash further violence against its now inerrant populations without resistance, for the sole purpose of desperately perpetuating, until the final fireworks, the morbid reign of the commodity.

Jean-François Gava

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