Covicratie… welcome to the brave new world

What kind of world are we in? Is it a nightmare or the logical continuation of a decline of which we live the apotheosis? All their measurements are based on false figures, centralized and therefore difficult to verify, not discussed and unquestionable. But Kairos has its entrances in different hospitals…

Total number of patients attending UZ Brussel per day

The picture you see above represents the table of the total number of patients present in the hospital per day, at UZ Brussel. This number includes the input/output balance, so a patient who enters on date X and leaves on date Y will be counted for the entire length of his stay. So we can see that in this hospital, the numbers are stable.

At Chirec Delta (Brussels), they have statistics from week to week. « The problem with the numbers is that a patient with a smear + on day 1 of his hospitalization remains labeled covid throughout his hospitalization. So if he stays 2 months (as sometimes in intensive care) he will be included in the statistics even if he is not contagious anymore ».

« The novelty at the Chirec of this week of March 15: the PCR testing is increased… before, only the people who had to spend at least one night were tested. Now all patients even for hospitalization one day or endoscopy… must be tested. So, of course, there will be an increase in the number of asymptomatic cases, which will inflate the statistics, increase the workload and the cost of care. In short, I can talk for hours on the subject as everything is biased and abject ».

Meanwhile, the APB (Belgian Pharmaceutical Association), proposes to create CNK codes 1 codes to record Belgian patients in relation to the vaccine: « hesitant/dialogue not possible/refusal… ». One may ask who is behind this request for a file? The APB itself? The SPF Santé ?

Filing set up by the Belgian Pharmaceutical Association

How far will they go? How far will we accept? …

  1. Codification des produits pharmaceutiques et parapharmaceutiques. Voir‑association-pharmaceutique-belge/decouvrez-nos-services/les-codes-CNK/Pages/Brochure-d’information-sur-les-codes-CNK.aspx

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