Complaint against the Belgian State for incitement to hatred and discrimination

Press conference of January 07, Me Inès Wouters

This morning, lawyer Inès Wouters gave a press conference to make public the request against the Belgian State, citing the FPS Chancellery of the Prime Minister, in the person of Prime Minister Alexander De Croo, and the FPS Public Health, in the person of Minister of Social Affairs and Public Health Franck Vandenbroeck. 

The applicant, who « has chosen not to be vaccinated, like 25% of the Belgian population, for personal reasons« In the words of Ministers De Croo and Vandenbroeck, which were broadcasted by most of the mainstream media, the incitement to hatred and discrimination towards the non-vaccinated is noted. 

You will find attached the request of Mr. Wouters, which contains numerous extracts of the incriminated remarks: 

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