Choose what you like

Growing up with a father who was a lawyer and then became a magistrate certainly gave me this construction of a loyal spirit in his fights. On the one hand the defense of the citizen or a society, on the other the authority. I very quickly felt this desire to raise mountains where ignorance is installed, where persecution is generated in any form. My guitar has always been my best tool to plead the richness of a different thought, the respect of the other or more globally the freedom of expression. It is precisely the latter that seems to have reached new heights lately. 

Let’s go back in time. 

My father had to choose: law or medicine. In those days, people rarely contradicted their father. His dream had been to become a musician.  » You will never make a living with music « , my grandfather, who was a musician himself and above all very lucid, retorted. As a generational replica, here I am, forced to take music theory lessons at the age of 5 with my father, 35, and my other brothers.  » At that age, you don’t choose, you obey .

So I quickly got used to the idea of a world of duties and obligations and finally understood that it was simply a matter of accepting tools and even weapons to face the world of tomorrow. I had to assume this choice for art in order to fill my father’s gap and at the same time to realize my double dream: to play the guitar and to live from it. 

I chose to see the world in music not because it is a way to escape but because it brings you a silence, a necessary distance in front of the madness of this acceleration of the world. 

Choose what you like 

I thought being on a stage was all about sharing beauty. Crystallize an inspiration and transform it into a sound wave. February 14, 2021 definitely put an end to this vision I had of the artist and what the world expects of him. A whole year plunged into the most total ignorance of our freedom of expression: a heap of aberrations that made me a spectator like the whole of our society. 

On March 12, 2021, in response to the District Court judge’s question to the State of Emergency lawyers  » Can the GEMS experts provide tangible proof or a scientific study that proves that Mr. Dujardin is more contaminating than a priest? However, they have been persuaded to argue this difference in proportionality between freedom of worship and freedom ofexpression even though Article 19 of our Constitution places these two freedoms on an equal footing. For a lawyer’s son who had always thought that our laws and freedoms were guaranteed by the state, I fell off the wagon. Finally, to put the final nail in the coffin of the artists, these same lawyers of the Belgian State completed their semantics by adding that the freedom of expression does not include the principle of artistic freedom. At that precise moment, I definitely assimilated this will of contempt of the state of emergency towards the artistic world and the cultural world in general. I naively believed until then that the State was protecting us as a good father. Beyond discrimination, it is exclusion that awaits artists at the next turn. 

The reality is that our democracy is in a deep lethargy and our Parliament is slowly emerging from its deep sleep. He has left the reins of power to those few imbued characters who have emerged in the media in an opulent and disproportionate way as regards the exercise of power, whether scientific or moral. It took them only one 

year to wallow in this exercise to which they have taken a taste without any legitimacy. To dislodge them in order to bring back the democratic way and to reactivate this Parliament does not please them in reality, because the access to the almost absolute media word, to the certainties of the figures, scares them. 

To have touched personally this very restricted circle of the political word heard since February 14th and the sudden interest of the media for my person since this day, it appeared to me very easy to install a noise, an emotion, a fear in the analysis of this small world. It is actually an easy game to play with the citizens. My reality feeds on common sense to constantly seek a vision free of any party, any lobby. 

And it is precisely this detail that is cruelly lacking in all of our politicians, namely the courage to face a clear vision rather than getting bogged down in trying to give credibility to this endless jumble of information constructed and maintained by this lawless state. 

To the question Where are we going ? I can only observe that we live in a world where education in politics, in the fundamental principles of democracy, in the understanding of and access to justice are gaping voids that grow with each passing generation. I plead for a work of re-connection of all these questions within the schools and our young people to sow seeds of conscious and active citizens as for the defense of our future democratic world. 

My profession as an artist will continue this road to protect this building. 

Quentin Dujardin

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