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Growing up with a father who was a lawyer and then became a magistrate certainly gave me this construction of a loyal spirit in his fights. On the one hand the defense of the citizen or a society, on the other the authority. I very quickly felt this desire to raise mountains where ignorance is installed, where persecution is generated in any form. My guitar has always been my best tool to plead the richness of a different thought, the respect of the other or more globally the freedom of expression. It is precisely the latter that seems to have reached new heights lately. Let’s go back in time. My father had to choose: law or medicine. In those days, people rarely contradicted their father. His dream had been to become a musician.  » You will never make a living with music « , my grandfather, who was a musician himself and above all very lucid, retorted. As a generational replica, here I am, forced to take music theory lessons at the age of 5 with my father, 35, and my other brother …

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