Children Health Defense comes to Europe

In the United States, Children Health Defense (CHD) was born shortly before the covidian wave, as a result of another association called World Mercuri Project, founded by parents of autistic children or victims of post-vaccination damage. It is led by Robert Kennedy Jr, son of Bob Kennedy and nephew of the former president who were both assassinated. An environmentalist at heart, he took on Monsanto during the DDT era in the early 1970s and has dedicated his entire life to fighting environmental pollution.  » At some point, parents pointed out to her that mercury was not only in the environment, but also in vaccines, and the connection was made. As he dug deeper, he realized that there was a scientific vacuum on the issue, that nothing held up. He discovered that there was also aluminum in vaccines, so the field of investigation and action expanded « Senta Depuydt, journalist and CHD’s European antenna, recalls. When Kennedy came to the European Parliament to talk about the big lawsuit …
  1. Robert Kennedy Jr. est venu le 12 novembre à Berne, le 13 à Milan

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