Children Health Defense comes to Europe

In the United States, Children Health Defense (CHD) was born shortly before the covidian wave, as a result of another association called World Mercuri Project, founded by parents of autistic children or victims of post-vaccination damage. It is led by Robert Kennedy Jr, son of Bob Kennedy and nephew of the former president who were both assassinated. An environmentalist at heart, he took on Monsanto during the DDT era in the early 1970s and has dedicated his entire life to fighting environmental pollution.  » At some point, parents pointed out to her that mercury was not only in the environment, but also in vaccines, and the connection was made. As he dug deeper, he realized that there was a scientific vacuum on the issue, that nothing held up. He discovered that there was also aluminum in vaccines, so the field of investigation and action expanded « Senta Depuydt, journalist and CHD’s European antenna, recalls. When Kennedy came to the European Parliament to talk about the big lawsuits against Monsanto over Roundup, he asked her to be his relay in Europe, even founding a European branch of the movement. Do we need to mention that no media has talked about him, especially when he talks about vaccination? The taboo subject? 

Senta has been interested in the Global Health Security Agenda (GHSA) for some time, to the point of suspecting a declaration of a pandemic in the course of 2019, given a certain ambient narrative, strategies, speeches, techniques, articles, regulations passed in the European Parliament, which announced a global agenda of vaccination.  » History has confirmed my assumptions. The plans were there since 2014. The beginnings of the GHSA marked this initiative to not only vaccinate the whole planet, but to change legislation everywhere to make it mandatory, if not in law, at least in practice. So the only way to override the constitutional guarantees that we had in most so-called democratic countries was to declare a state of emergency. I have written in extensoon this before the pandemic .

From the fight against the vaccine, Senta Depuydt broadened the goal: « Ihe mission of CHD Europe is to be a strategic link between the different countries of the EU in order to shed light on what is happening at the level of the global European agenda, and also to be in touch with the United States. There are regular meetings between scientists, lawyers, European and American journalists. Unfortunately, not all countries are represented yet, even if they are already numerous. For this, I travel a lot to talk about strategies that have worked or not, about this or that type of expertise that can be useful or not. Then to work on common topics. Kennedy will release a book on Anthony Fauci this month which will be translated into French and other European languages. I hope to bring him in — Kennedy, not Fauci! — for a mini-tour in Europe on the theme of corruption(1). What is happening with covid can only happen because it is based on a network, a medical mafia that has existed for at least 40 years, 20 of which are in the current network. It’s a model that was formed around AIDS, which Fauci was already in on. The Global Agenda of vaccination as an instrument of conquest and geopolitical control by the Americans started four decades ago, especially in Africa. It is this entire network that is now in charge at the operational level in the various European countries « .

As there are differences in law and soil between Europe and the United States, the structuring in Belgium as an ASBL was necessary to be able to take legal action, also at the European level with some actions in progress, for example an annulment against the decisions of the European Parliament or the support to other lawyers in the EU who are introducing appeals against the anti-covid vaccine.  » But for that, you need to have members in Europe, » adds Senta. We inform through a specifically European newsletter where articles from the United States are also republished, to put together the puzzle of the pandemic. These articles are published across the Atlantic in a media outlet, The Defender, which has several million subscribers and deals with all the issues that matter: the pandemic, vaccination, corruption, surveillance, Big Tech, Big Pharma, Big Brother, etc. Our newsletter seeks to publicize actions elsewhere, for example large demonstrations in Italy, France or Germany, petitions at European level or even legal action « . Senta talks about the difficulty of tracking down infoxes, which she says come from the deep state:  » Every time there is a good, verified, hard-hitting piece of information that can make a difference, it is perverted: the sources will be eliminated, a scandalous headline with a false interpretation and distortion of the facts will appear. Then it will be « debunked » by the news agencies « .

How does she see the future of the association?  » With a big question mark! The association grew rapidly, especially in the United States, where the heart of the resistance was located. In Europe, I felt like I was building a ship in the middle of a storm. Clearly, we are at the top of the list of associations targeted by the Deep State. Kennedy got his Instagram censored with 800,000 people, we are not safe. We need to create a federation, a kind of coalition beyond our small disagreements. Because we still feel too many divisions, while in front of us, the power is united. I would say that this experience of CHD Europe should lead to federate by project to speak with one voice. This can be done through associations, also in Belgium, such as Notre bon droit, which does very good work, especially on the health pass. We have republished their legal analysis. In Germany, we work with the lawyer Reiner Fullmich, who acts on a national level, where he takes legal action. But its information work is international. Proposals for the construction of the « new world » are going to be put in place and people are going to move to active resistance. We will be forced to do so. There is no guarantee that CHD will still exist in six months, because we are clearly under attack, both judicially and financially. We are not safe from a complete closure of the association, which is demanded by the US authorities. But we will fight « .

Since September 11, 2001, we have been living under the institutionalization of lies.  » All the strategies and techniques that are being used today to impose this covid vaccination have been put in place by a system of scaffolding lies, and have been since smallpox. Changing the name of a product and putting it back on the market, amplifying the number of deaths from the disease, all of today’s ploys have been there from the beginning. Pharmacovigilance exists only to protect vaccination. When someone is vaccinated and develops the disease fifteen days later, it is said that the vaccine has not yet had time to work. This means that the patient already had smallpox, polio or measles. We’ve been saying it for decades. So when I hear people telling me that it will eventually show up and that we will stop all this, I tell them that I don’t believe it, because people have been getting sick and dying for two centuries, and all we have done is vaccinate more and more! Smallpox and polio have not been eradicated by vaccines. Today, the vaccination campaign is a well-honed mechanism, it is business as usual ». Santa goes so far as to predict  » a hecatomb of vaccine deaths starting in the fall of 2021 ‚ » ending on a more encouraging note:  » It’s worth it to subscribe to The Defender where the best scientists work, great investigative journalists, in short, the elite of the resistance that publishes .

Interview by Alexandre Penasse, edited by Bernard Legros.

Notes et références
  1. Robert Kennedy Jr. est venu le 12 novembre à Berne, le 13 à Milan
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