They pretend to be surprised, the Belgian journalists who called us conspirators when we raised the problem of structural corruption in the government, they
Pixabay image The paradox is the following: to be able to realize that one has been manipulated, one must be little manipulable. Aporia from which
The 21st century will have seen the emergence in the West of what for many would have been perceived until recently as pure delirium,
Photo by Ashish R. Mishra on Unsplash Interview with Vincent Cheynet, editor of La décroissance. Isn't the movie Avatar just a nice entertainment that you have
Kairos hebdo 13 vidéo[note] Le football mondialisé est une métaphore de nos sociétés, expression d’un spectacle qui occulte tout le reste. À l'instar de nos
Kairos hebdo 12 vidéo[note] A une époque où les plus grands faiseurs de fake news sont ceux qui disent les combattre, il ne faut plus
The mysterious Constantin Mirabel is interviewed here once again to provoke our reflection... Lubo Duržo What do you think of the suspension of Mrs. Martine Wonner
Your energy bill keeps increasing, we are waiting for your testimony! CALL FOR TESTIMONY Your energy bill keeps increasing, we are waiting for your testimony! Send us
We are being poisoned by a President more concerned with plunging our country into war than with playing the card of appeasement in the
Links to our interviews on the sidelines of the university:   Find, below, all the speakers who participated in the Resistante Summer University 2022 in Villeneuve-lez-Avignon. EBU

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