Press release April 21, 2023 To facilitate the rollout of 5G and as announced in a press release by the Minister-President of the Walloon Region,
Faina Savenkova, recently turned 15, a child of Donbass, a child of war, has been on the infamous Mirotvorets list calling for her murder
Photo PxHere Today, Saturday October 21, the Israeli newspaper Haaretz published the names, and in some cases the activity and/or age, of 683 of the
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As the experimental Covid-19 injection gradually reveals its ravages (side effects, mortality, birth rate), a Belgian clinic is inviting its staff to come and
Covidism or wokism, no to totalitarianism! Vincent Cheynet sets the record straight with the case of Eric Naulleau, author of a recent pamphlet,

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