Back into the humus… from the roots to the treetops:

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Back into the humus… from the roots to the treetops(1): The light bulb was not invented by improving the candle. It is by releasing an unnatural system that we will reintegrate the Humus. In order for men and nature to freely join hands one day, let us have the courage to face reality. However, the funeral lobbies have recently put on a costume that is both seductive and meaningless: the costume of  » greenwashing « . Greenwashing is like a coat of paint that hides the cracks in a decaying building: it shines and sells… In Belgian cemeteries, the green revolution consists in no longer using glyphosate to get rid of weeds. Everything is fine, Madame la Marquise, everything is fine, everything is fine! A meadow now covers the pathways, the spaces between the monuments are grassed and the horizontal parts of many graves are adorned with flowers(2). However, it is necessary, it is necessary that one says to you: the flowers are jewels that one alchemizes… They are one of …
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