This book of conversation with Jacques Prades, professor of Economics at the University of Toulouse, is breathtaking. What allows at the same time: to fight actively against unemployment, 

to make it impossible to lay off workers, to extract oneself seriously from the imperatives of international competition, to guarantee a decent income for workers, to limit the wage gap between managers and « simple employees », to prevent relocations, to prevent takeovers, to adjust production and consumption to local needs, to adjust incomes, to replace the state when it fails to fulfill its missions, to be there when the state collapses, to cushion the shocks linked to monetary problems, to allow the voice of each person to be taken into account in the organization, to prevent the family inheritance of a company that is not family-owned? A scientific-spiritual-revolutionary-transcendental discovery? Well, no: it’s the cooperative. Jacques Prades explains it by going back to history (this is not new) and by taking two current examples (this is alive): Mondragon in Spain (it’s strong) and Trento in Italy (it’s hope). All in cooperatives! 

« Tous en coopératives », Editions Le Vent se lève Collection Ô Rage, 2013 

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