A turning point

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I will return, once again, to the old Heraclitus who, as you know, indicated part of the philosophical path by telling us that nothing in the universe was assured of stability, that everything passed as the water in the river flows; and similarly, men pass and their destiny with them. So it is with our works, our undertakings, the words we say or write; they pass their way, go from one consciousness to another and then get lost in the great disorder of the things of the world. Of course, those who intervene in the public debate, here or there, in such and such a way, are entitled to think and believe that what is written or said may be of a nature to fuel such and such a discussion, to allow old conceptions to be called into question, to allow the novelty of the ideas that arise to take over the adversity of the times. But, surely, the way is long from the ideas to the materiality of what they should be able to give birth to, we must be aware of it and admit that the struggle between t …
  1. cfr. Frédéric Lordon « Fury room » in Le « Monde diplomatique » 22 mai 2021.
  2. Spectaculaire au sens situationniste du terme.

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