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If this new year will undoubtedly see the vote of new laws which will allow to come to seek us even more easily at home for incitement to insurrection because of certain remarks which we will have dared, finally released from the burden of the fear, it is not serious, we will continue to say them. Let them come, their repression will have less impact the more we are numerous.

« Those who do not move do not feel their chain« right? The free media will be indispensable to this movement, parts of the revolutionary machinery, tools of conjunction between consciousness and action. The French popular uprising (which is expected in Belgium) is a terrible opportunity to grasp the fundamental importance of the free press in real social change, the contrast between reality and the reports of BFMTV, France 2 or TF1 in France, of RTL-TVi or RTBF in Belgium, underlining by itself the conformist and anti-subversive role of the media in the service of the maintenance of order and therefore of power. Our last article « Flagrant censorship at La Libre », taken from the September issue of Kairos, offering the most beautiful expression of the role of the media: above all, do not designate enemies and risk provoking revolt!

In Belgium, Kairos remains the only newspaper that holds an anti-productivist, radical, social ecological editorial line, taking into account the traditional struggles of the left but also underlining their sometimes deep contradictions: the redistribution of wealth cannot be done without thinking about the reduction of production and consumption; « purchasing power » is a demobilizing slogan that does not take into account the social and ecological destruction on which this « power » rests; renewable energies will not replace oil, a chimerical refrain that always postpones real change; liberalism produces its effects as much in the economic as in the cultural fields and defending the latter without seeing that they have the same clothes as the former is a nonsense and a powerful artifice. Basically, it’s about finally deciding what the people want and not basing our needs on those dictated by the advertising industry.

We love life, but we suffer from those beings torn out of existence because of our way of life, whether it is for the defense of the jobs of the FN of Herstal or the various gadgets filled with rare earths that our « purchasing power » will allow us to afford; we appreciate nature more than anything else, because we are nothing without it, and we suffer when a tree falls for an absurd real estate project or a piece of furniture from Ikea. This suffering is inscribed in commercial exchanges, in smartphones, tablets, connected objects, etc. It’s not about making people feel guilty, it’s about saying, and recognizing that we can’t do this anymore. If guilt ensues, it is only an effect that can be overcome.

In particular, 2019 will be a fundamental year for opposing 5G, smart meters and all the crap that technocratic power wants to impose on us. As such, we requested an interview with Minister Fremault about 5G technology. We want to prove that we should expect nothing from these zealous political servants of capital. After more than 8 emails, the minister’s office has just accepted that we ask our questions by email. We do not want and ask for a filmed interview.

Free information will be essential. It will be necessary to link the class struggle, the fight of the yellow vests, to antiproductivism. One will not go without the other.

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