We want a debate!

More than 300 people spoke out to ask the Belgian Prime Minister, Alexander De Croo, for a real debate on covid and its management.
Flood the networks, all Belgium must hear it.
To make people blind to what is happening, to divide them by pretending that they are united, to pretend to listen to them in order to extinguish the simmering revolt. These are the functions of the current system.
As usual, we try to break the show. This time, we asked people to speak up. And they did, massively. In a few days, we obtained more than 300 videos from citizens all over Belgium. We could have published the review on multiple platforms and gotten hundreds more testimonials. But we couldn’t handle them. Eric, our colleague, has already worked several days to make this montage.
We know that behind the reality they want us to swallow, they also create « public opinion ». Behind the curtains, there is something else.
If they don’t have this real debate, we will do it again. We have already done so: https://odysee.com/@Kairospresse:0/legranddebat:9
Thank you all for your commitment!
Keep going! We continue.

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