URGENT! Health passport

The project of « health passport » carried by the European Commission risks to be voted without debate or amendments in the European Parliament!

The European Commission has recently submitted its two draft European Regulations on the health passport, or « digital green certificate ».

Because the Commission is in a « hurry », it has asked the leaders of the political groups to put these regulations on the agenda of the next plenary session of the European Parliament, so that they can be voted on without amendments and without being discussed in the Environment Committee (comENVI) (« fast-track procedure »), as should normally be the case. The group coordinators and the President of comENVI, will meet on Thursday, March 25 between 11:00 and 12:15 to take a decision on this request. 

It is URGENT, before this date, to ask them not to give in to the pressure of the Commission and to do their job as parliamentarians, by carefully examining the text and ensuring that it is amended wherever the infringements on citizens’ freedoms appear excessive.

We suggest that you address the competent MEPs at this stage of the procedure, by e‑mail, by writing them before Thursday morning, the following message (to be adapted to your convenience):

Recipients (MEPs)

pascal.canfin@europarl.europa.eu, bas.eickhout@europarl.europa.eu, cesar.luena@europarl.europa.eu, dan-stefan.motreanu@europarl.europa.eu, anja.hazekamp@europarl.europa.eu, peter.liese@europarl.europa.eu, jytte.guteland@europarl.europa.eu, nils.torvalds@europarl.europa.eu, silvia.sardone@europarl.europa.eu, bas.eickhout@europarl.europa.eu, alexandr.vondra@europarl.europa.eu, silvia.modig@europarl.europa.eu, juanfernando.lopezaguilar@europarl.europa.eu, maite.pagazaurtundua@europarl.europa.eu, pietro.bartolo@europarl.europa.eu, emil.radev@europarl.europa.eu, jeroen.lenaers@europarl.europa.eu, birgit.sippel@europarl.europa.eu, sophie.intveld@europarl.europa.eu, annalisa.tardino@europarl.europa.eu, terry.reintke@europarl.europa.eu, tineke.strik@europarl.europa.eu, nicola.procaccini@europarl.europa.eu, cornelia.ernst@europarl.europa.eu, saskia.bricmont@europarl.europa.eu michele.rivasi@europarl.europa.eu, marie.toussaint@europarl.europa.eu, damien.careme@europarl.europa.eu, patrick.breyer@europarl.europa.eu

Sample letter

March 24, 2021

Subject: Urgent call to reject the « fast-track » procedure for the examination of the draft regulation on the « digital green certificate

Ladies and Gentlemen, Members of the European Parliament, next Thursday morning (March 25, 2021) you will be asked to give your opinion on the examination procedure of the two draft Regulations of the European Commission relating to the « digital green certificate ».

These projects are certainly one of the most important decisions you will make during your term. For this reason, I urge you to reject the option of a « fast-track » review, as requested by the European Commission. Indeed, this project of a « digital green certificate », even if it is cleverly presented as a way to exercise our freedom of movement, represents an unprecedented interference in our fundamental freedoms, because it indirectly leads to imposing on the vast majority of Europeans, healthy and not likely to die of COVID-19 either a vaccine which nobody knows « if it prevents asymptomatic infection and transmission of the virus », or even if it protects durably against the disease (as we can read in the introductory considerations of the project of Regulation), or innumerable tests of screening (this certificate would have to be presented at multiple occasions of our lives in community: transportation, places of culture and education, restaurants, shopping malls, etc.).

The proposed Regulations also state that persons who have already overcome COVID-19 will only be considered immune for a maximum of 180 days, with no explanation given for this delay, after a positive PCR test has been obtained. The real state of their immunity, which can be measured on the basis of lymphocytes or antibodies circulating in their blood, will therefore count for nothing. Moreover, while no « tracing » or « tracking » application has been made compulsory until now, this « green certificate », conceived as an inescapable sesame, will allow Member States to implement this compulsory control of our every movement and consumption habits, without it being possible to oppose it.

Thus, with this « green certificate » project, an apartheid society is taking shape, where healthy citizens who refuse to submit to the hygienist diktat proposed by the Commission and certain Member States will be discriminated against and ostracized from society. Whether you decide to amend this project or reject it, it is imperative that you give it serious consideration and reject an unjustifiable emergency.

I urge you to take the full measure of your responsibilities as an elected official and to reject any hasty examination of these two draft by-laws,

Thanking you for your vigilance, please accept, Madam, Sir, my respectful greetings, 

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