« There is no longer a medical basis for emergency policy »

Some excerpts from this open letter from physicians and health professionals. You will conclude whether or not we should disobey the current political measures; take back, as we should have done long ago, the control of our lives. We have concluded.

Their requests

  • Therefore we ask for an immediate stop of all measures.
  • We question the legitimacy of the current advisory experts who meet behind closed doors.
  • We also ask that an independent commission thoroughly investigates the reasons for maintaining all measures of restriction of freedom, when in the meantime the figures and scientific data have clearly shown that there is no medical reason for this one more day.
  • As a follow-up to ACU 2020(https://acu2020.org/version-francaise/), we call for a thorough investigation of the role of WHO and the possible influence of conflicts of interest in this organization. It has also been at the heart of the fight against the « infodemia », i.e. the systematic censorship of all divergent opinions in the media. For a democratic state of law this is unacceptable.

« Strengthening natural immunity is a much more logical approach. Prevention is an important and underemphasized pillar: a healthy, whole-food diet, outdoor exercise without a mouth mask, stress reduction, and nurturing emotional and social contact.…) The corona measures stand in stark contrast to the government’s minimal policy to date when it comes to well-founded measures with proven health benefits, such as a sugar tax, banning (electronic) cigarettes, and making healthy food financially attractive and widely available, physical exercise and social support networks. This is a missed opportunity for a better prevention policy that could have led to a change of mindset in all segments of the population with clear public health outcomes. Currently, only 3% of the health care budget is spent on prevention. »

« We are asking for an open debate, where all experts are heard without any form of censorship.

« The current crisis policy is completely disproportionate, doing more harm than good »

« So it’s not a killer virus, but a condition that is well treatable

« The mortality rate has been several times lower than expected and is close to that of a normal seasonal flu  »

« We are seeing on the ground that the collateral damage that is currently being done to the population will have a greater impact in the short and long term on all segments of the population than the number of people that are currently being saved. »

« We call for an immediate halt to all measures

« The repressive and strict corona policy stands in stark contrast to the government’s hitherto minimal policy of disease prevention, strengthening one’s own immune system through a healthy lifestyle, optimal care with attention to the individual and investment in health care personnel. »

« Covid-19 is not a leather cold virus, but a well-treatable condition with a mortality comparable to seasonal flu. In other words, there is no longer an insurmountable obstacle to public health. There is no state of emergency .

« Current global measures to combat SARS-CoV‑2 significantly violate this vision of health and human rights
The use of the non-specific PCR test, which produces many false positives, has given an exponential picture »

« We did not see open debates in the media, where the protesters could give their opinion ».

« If we compare the waves of infection in countries with a strict containment policy with those in countries without a containment policy (Sweden, Iceland, etc.), we observe similar curves.

« Excessive hygiene measures have a negative effect on our immunity
Influenza will return in the fall (in combination with covid-19) and a possible decrease in natural resistance could lead to even more casualties. »

« In the meantime, there is affordable, safe and effective therapy for those with severe disease symptoms in the form of HCQ (hydroxychloroquine), zinc and AZT (azithromycin) »

« Social isolation and economic damage have led to an increase in depression, anxiety, suicides, domestic violence and child abuse.

« Wearing a mouth mask is not without side effects (…) Moreover, the accumulated CO2 causes a toxic acidification of the body which affects our immunity. Some experts even warn of increased transmission of the virus when used incorrectly.

« Studies have shown that the more social and emotional engagements people have, the more resistant they are to viruses. »

« The number of recorded corona deaths therefore still appears to be overestimated. There is a difference between death by corona and death with corona »

« Globally, the vaccine is expected to cause 700,000 cases of harm or death. If 95% of people show virtually no symptoms for Covid-19, exposure to an untested vaccine is an irresponsible risk. »

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