The « right return to the Source » for the Living after death?

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Humusation, the natural process of human composting, is a burial method that is inspired by the wonderful model of the forest. It opens the doors to a just return to nature and to other lives after our passage on earth. At our death, if our body is humusated, it will become, at the end of a natural metamorphosis of 12 months, a fertile soil ready to regenerate soils impoverished by human activity. Our body then becomes, not a destroyer, but a creator of resources… IN CONCRETE TERMS, HOW DOES HUMUSATION WORK? The first step is to welcome the body. Covered with a shroud, the mortal remains are laid out on a cooled stretcher in order to avoid the use of polluting substances for its preservation. Apart from this technical detail, everything is done as for a conventional funeral. The second step is humusation. The body is placed on a cozy bed of 20 cm of fine wood shavings, right on the ground, and then covered with about 2 other cubic meters of the same plant mixture, soaked wit …
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