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In each edition of Kairos, the Foire aux Savoir-Faire offers you one of its recipes. The objective of the know-how fair is to give the taste and the techniques to *do ityourself* for the pleasure of learning, to exercise one’s creativity, to soften one’s impact on the environment and to adjust one’s consumption to one’s needs. As much as possible, the recipes she proposes during her animations, which are all listed on her website, are based on recycled materials. Its workshops are open to all, in a collaborative and experimental spirit; they allow everyone to come and make a repair, an object, test a recipe, invent one, using the tools and the material of recuperation put at disposal.

> foam
> hydroretentric gel (you can find it in florists in the form of small balls)
> water at room temperature
> cream
> 1 mixer
> 1 brush

How to proceed 

1/ Collect moss (we are lucky, it is one of the few things that grows spontaneously in the city, we can go to the forest to look for it but it is better to look for it near the wall on which we will express ourselves, we are sure to have a species that adapts in the neighborhood!)

2/ Place it in the blender.

3/ Add the hydroretentive gel, a volume of balls equivalent to the volume of foam collected. (The color of the gel is not important because the dye disappears and does not mark the wall).

4/ Add the cream (here 2/3 of a 200 ml brick)

5/ Fill with warm water, here we put the same volume of water as the volume of preparation already present. (Be careful not to drown the preparation. In the end, the texture must be equivalent to paint and therefore a little thick to hold on the wall. It should not be too liquid to avoid dripping. So it’s better to put a little, mix, and add more if necessary, little by little).

6/ Mix

7/ Here you go! to your paintbrushes: you are ready to express yourself and to dress your walls with flowery words and hairy images!

Follow the week by week evolution of our test on the website of the Fair

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