The conspiracy reflects an opaque and incomprehensible world

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Conspiracy theory was born from the idea that an oligarchy would lead humanity throughout the world towards a future that completely escapes the common people because it is designed to serve them, in other words, the opposite of the democratic ideal. This feeling is particularly present in the working class suffering from the multiple evils spread by the discriminatory functioning of our economy, all this being aggravated by the profusion of often contradictory information, and this in spite of the existence of official speeches intended to reassure us and to counter the intensive use of the famous « social networks » at the origin of « fakenews ». In this sense, there is in conspiracy theory a core of truth expressing a widespread popular feeling that we live in a society whose steering completely escapes us, not only politically, but also intellectually, because we no longer possess the codes, unlike in the past when we could make it intelligible. Obviously, the anxiety-provoking context …

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