Strong heads in healthy bodies

Just two years ago, who would have thought that for a simple loss of smell, you would have to stay home for one to two weeks? That millions of people around the world would be forced to telework? 

Today they are talking about a health pass, something without which it will be impossible to travel freely. Freedom of expression, opinion and critical thinking are suppressed, considered as conspiracy. Freedom to assemble and demonstrate criminalized. Freedom to prescribe prevented, for all those honest doctors who believe in the prevention of viral infections by means of natural and effective methods such as regular physical activity, stress management through proven techniques (meditation, yoga, sophrology, self-hypnosis, cardiac coherence), a healthy and balanced diet, the intake of vital food supplements such as vitamin D, vitamin C, omega‑3, zinc, magnesium, selenium… 

All these freedoms sacrificed in the name of a single watchword: global vaccination. Do the people who undergo this vaccination, which is in reality an experimental genetic manipulation, know that there will be no turning back? That their decision is irrevocable? Because once in their cells, the genetic consequences of these « vaccines » are unpredictable. 

The number of serious side effects and even deaths related to these vaccinations is increasing. Autoimmune, chronic and neurodegenerative diseases will be the heavy price to pay for this madness. All these doctors in the world, many of them experienced, reputable, professors for some, having published numerous articles in specialized journals, have sounded the alarm. American resuscitators and field doctors have established treatments for SARS-CoV‑2 that are very different from the official recommendations, which are simply to wait it out with paracetamol and oxygen. 

Ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, azithromycin, vitamin D3, vitamin C, fluvoxamine, melatonin, zinc, quercetin, essential oil inhalation, aspirin. Inexpensive, low-risk treatments. Why don’t all the resuscitations, all the hospitals in the world implement them? Just measuring vitamin D levels in the blood, an easy and inexpensive test, could save many lives, especially in the elderly. Today, compared to the so-called underdeveloped countries that have successfully used ivermectin, Artemisia annua, zinc, vitamin D to help their populations, Western medicine, so arrogant, so pretentious, swears by randomized double-blind peer-reviewed studies whose weaknesses have been revealed by other very serious studies. Western medicine treats studies, not people. Not to mention the endemic corruption of the major Western medical journals, The Lancet , the New England Journal of Medicine, JAMA (Journal of American Medical Association), BMJ (British Medical Journal), all of which are favourable to the big pharmaceutical companies that have infiltrated all the reading committees, according to the admissions of former editors of these journals. 

The human being is no longer the focus of Western medicine. It is money, power, control of the people. These are budgets, bonuses, subsidies. Have excellent filled boxes, balanced financial statements. That’s all that matters today, for most hospitals. This global vaccination, in addition to the health damage it will cause in the short, medium and long term, is the pretext for a vast operation of control, limitation and soon disappearance of all our freedoms, which have already been severely affected by terrorism and global warming. 

What are we waiting for? A new discrimination, as in other dark moments of human history. There will be those who obey, submit to everything for this pass, a little more illusion, access to the sun and the all-you-can-eat buffets of the four-star restaurants and for this, those are ready to damage their body and their spirit. Ready to lose them all at once or in small increments. Ready to deliver their children to these deadly practices, masks, social distances, vaccines… There will be those who resist, who did not want this. Those who have understood the real objectives behind the promises and lies. 

The fight begins and ends in the head. The proper functioning of the body is the sine qua non condition to keep one’s head. The world is going to need strong heads in healthy bodies. 

Dr. Pascal Sacré, Anesthesiologist, Intensivist 

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