Strong heads in healthy bodies

Just two years ago, who would have thought that for a simple loss of smell, you would have to stay home for one to two weeks? That millions of people around the world would be forced to telework? Today they are talking about a health pass, something without which it will be impossible to travel freely. Freedom of expression, opinion and critical thinking are suppressed, considered as conspiracy. Freedom to assemble and demonstrate criminalized. Freedom to prescribe prevented, for all those honest doctors who believe in the prevention of viral infections by means of natural and effective methods such as regular physical activity, stress management through proven techniques (meditation, yoga, sophrology, self-hypnosis, cardiac coherence), a healthy and balanced diet, the intake of vital food supplements such as vitamin D, vitamin C, omega‑3, zinc, magnesium, selenium… All these freedoms sacrificed in the name of a single watchword: global vaccination. Do the people who undergo th …

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