State of the world and stateless world

« The most harmful work of despotism is to separate citizens, to isolate them from each other, to bring them to mutual distrust and contempt. No one acts anymore, because no one dares to rely on his neighbor. » Arthur Arnould, communard. Among the questions that the dreary era of the coronavirus will pose for future generations, there is one that is inevitable because of the turmoil it is causing in society, sometimes disrupting friendships. « How did we tolerate that a handful of mentally retarded people, incompetent to the point of lying, subjected us to their arbitrary decrees, to their imbecilic madness? What emotional plague has taken hold of us and obtained — the height of absurdity — that we renounce living to avoid the risk of dying? Denouncing the dominant silliness, the intelligence of some has provided useful insights. However, when asked why the fright had caused such conversion hysteria, no answer was given. We will have to agree sooner or later: we die of the Coro …

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