State of the world and stateless world

« The most harmful work of despotism is to separate citizens, to isolate them from each other, to bring them to mutual distrust and contempt. No one acts anymore, because no one dares to rely on his neighbor. » 

Arthur Arnould, communard.

Among the questions that the dreary era of the coronavirus will pose for future generations, there is one that is inevitable because of the turmoil it is causing in society, sometimes disrupting friendships. 

« How did we tolerate that a handful of mentally retarded people, incompetent to the point of lying, subjected us to their arbitrary decrees, to their imbecilic madness? What emotional plague has taken hold of us and obtained — the height of absurdity — that we renounce living to avoid the risk of dying? 

Denouncing the dominant silliness, the intelligence of some has provided useful insights. However, when asked why the fright had caused such conversion hysteria, no answer was given. 

We will have to agree sooner or later: we die of the Coronavirus, it is undeniable, but we die even more surely of the increasing pollution, of the poisoned food, of the hospitals put to evil by the profitability, of the accelerated pauperization, of the anguishing precariousness, of the advertising artifice counting all the deaths under the same label in order to panic the head and the heart. We die from the freezing of emotional relationships, from forbidden joys, from the absence of humanity and mutual aid, so essential to health. The dictatorship of the morbid reigns everywhere. It propagates an existential malaise, a malaise from which is born the feeling that it is better to die than to drag oneself through a life that the omnipresence of merchandise empties of its meaning. How could it be otherwise when we are the prey of a global machinery that crushes life to extract profit? One thought good to evade the problem by incriminating an ontological defect: a native imbecility of the man and the woman would determine them to act against themselves, to go against the good that they want. Bullshit! 

The metaphysical trick avoids questioning the appearance and development of an economy hostile to nature and life, which mark the birth of our civilization. We have before our eyes the ravages that its triumph brought about: patriarchy, contempt for women, a society of masters and slaves, the denaturation and metamorphosis into homo oeconomicus ofhomo sapiens, who tended to refine and overcome his animality. Capitalism is only a modern form of the exploitation of man by man, which marked the break with our initial symbiotic evolution, inaugurating the dogma ofantiphysis or anti-nature. The panic hysteria we witnessed reminds us of Reich’s thesis in Mass Psychology of Fascism : the character blockage causes a reversal of life into a death reflex. 

Restoring the alliance with nature is not a problem to be unraveled but a Gordian knot to be cut. How can the State put an end to the plundering that exhausts the earth and dries up the living when it is among the zealots of pollution? Should we work to break its hold? Many think so. But what! Let’s face it. The State is now only a cog in the wheel of the global economy, which imposes its dictates everywhere. What remains of the republic, of the res publica The citizenry, eaten away for decades by business, the corruption of notables, the ridiculousness of parliamentarianism, political mundanities, the war of vaccines that mimics the competition of detergents that wash whiter, the sanitary supplanted by security, the confinement and the « no more laughter » that removes the emotional contribution of the immune system. So that it is no longer the end of the State that must be envisaged, but its overcoming — its preservation and negation. Reinventing the res publica will be the task of local and federated assemblies experimenting with direct democracy, self-organization or whatever you want to call it. 

We have as allies the insurrections that are igniting the most diverse regions of the world. They announce in fits and starts, without triumphalism, with an unshakeable resolution a gigantic changeover. They are the fruit of an awareness that sensitizes individuals both to their existence impoverished by capitalist glaciation and to an irrepressible will to live that keeps them standing. 

It is up to them to repeal the decrees and decisions of the state despotism, considered derisory, null and void, from the human point of view. 

Freedom is life, to live is to be free. The only thing that guarantees the authenticity of the proposal and prevents it from turning into a hollow formula is the lived experience of micro-societies where the government of the people is exercised directly by itself. 

Restoring the joy of living is our priority. The poetry made by all and by all realizes the union of the existential emancipation and the social emancipation. Sooner or later it will become apparent that this is our absolute weapon. 

Raoul Vaneigem, writer and philosopher 

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