Reinfocovid, from France to Belgium

Reinfocovid was born in France in October 2020 under the impetus of Dr. Louis Fouché and 400 French doctors, researchers and scientists, noting a gap between the sanitary and scientific reality on the one hand, and the insane information and measures (exaggerated mortality rate, generalized obligation to wear a face mask, confinements, infringement of therapeutic freedoms…) imposed by the government and relayed by the media, without any public debate. 

The hope of allowing citizens to take a stand and refuse what was neither fair nor good for their health motivated different actions through social networks and media, but also through conferences and printouts. 

Reinfocovid was created as a group of volunteers, articulated in a horizontal way in an active non-violence, around a double mission: on the one hand to recreate human links between the increasingly isolated caregivers, and then to convey a scientifically supported reinformation, where the official discourse misinforms, and to propose an alternative medical care, early and also scientifically based. Among these volunteers, there were caregivers of all kinds, but also scientists, biologists, mathematicians, statisticians, computer scientists, etc. 

On January 5, 2021, a meeting was held with doctors from all over France, including Domtom, Switzerland and Belgium, to set up regional branches to cover all the territories (French-speaking in the first instance). This is how the Swiss branch, which became Reinfosanté Switzerland, and the Belgian branch, which became Reinfocovid Belgium, were created under the impulse of a few pioneers. The first doctor zoom took place on January 15. The collective has gradually grown, with the participation of doctors, dentists, veterinarians, nurses, paramedics and caregivers from all professions. 

The association with other collectives was necessary. Thus, collaborative links have been forged with Our Good Law, Le Grappe, Docs4opendebate, Artsen voor Vrijheid, Lawyers4Democracy, CovidRationnel, to name but a few. The diffusion of information concerning the existence of early treatments, the uselessness of liberticidal measures, the sensitization to the mental and economic health of the population, and in particular to the suffering of the youngest, and finally the elementary principles of precautions towards the new « vaccine » procedures, have been the cause of numerous attacks, in particular from the Order of Physicians who openly threatened severe sanctions to those who refused to promote vaccination(1). So much so that, in order to allow the defense of doctors and the promotion of a true medical deontology, a national ASBL was created with the collaboration of and Artsen voor Vrijheid: Hippocrates Belgium. 

At the same time, a veritable « witch hunt » was launched at the instigation of the Ordre des Médecins. Doctors are suspended for expressing an opinion. Their freedom to prescribe is challenged. Those who resist must remain discreet. 

And yet, more and more patients are asking every day to be taken care of by doctors who will provide them with an early and effective treatment, instead of the official treatment with paracetamol, without discriminating against those who refuse to be « vaccinated. The names of those physicians who continue to honor their profession must be given with caution to avoid sanctions, and often they find themselves overwhelmed. 

Reinfocovid supports, promotes and takes part in many peaceful demonstrations (such as « La Boum »), but we know the violent and completely disproportionate repression by the forces of order. 

The only communication platforms are the alternative media, because the door of the mainstream media is totally closed to those who speak with a voice different from the official dogma. Requests for live discussion with health and government authorities are refused by them. Censorship is getting tougher. Blank cards are prohibited or penalized. 

Today, educating young people and supporting their freedom of vaccine choice are among the highest priorities. Actions aimed at allowing them to breathe and to find joy in life have been initiated. Other collectives have done so as well. 

Secondly, Reinfocovid has invested in the development and organization of multidisciplinary care at home, contrary to official injunctions to send patients home without care and with only paracetamol as treatment. As a result, more and more patients are being managed and, vaccinated or not, are progressing favorably, avoiding ICU admissions and making further confinement unnecessary. 

This initiative, which corresponds to the deontological concept of Reinfocovid and Hippocrates Belgium, is called Covisoins and is accessible via its web page:

At the same time, a revision of the internal organization and networks is underway in order to improve the functioning of the collective intelligence, and to adapt to the new challenges that totalitarian evolution imposes on us, namely to continue to provide optimal care in a hostile climate, and to offer protection, an alternative and a refuge to those who refuse to submit to the obligations, disguised or not, of injections of potentially toxic experimental products. 

The « citizens » and « youth » poles are becoming more and more important. The « scientific documents » section aims to sort out the relevant information in order to bring to light, as often as possible, for the plaintiffs (legal actions or interpellations of politicians and citizens, for example), the facts that demonstrate that the 4 pillars of the media-governmental doxa are pure lies (1. The epidemic would be serious 2. no treatment would exist ; 3. liberticidal measures would be useful or even indispensable ; 4. The « vaccines » would be safe and effective and would eradicate the virus if injected into everyone, repeatedly).

Notes et références
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