When on November 27, the Kairos journalist was censored in the middle of a press conference, the act in itself responds to a logic: the manipulation of public opinion to ensure the manufacture of consent.

But the great thing about the censorship we are undergoing is that those who are implementing it are screwing up, making mistakes. And it shows.

A look at a proven case of censorship, flouting article 25 of the Belgian Constitution and the Munich Charter of Ethics, adopted by the European Federation of Journalists. In particular.

Share massively, because it is not those who constantly gargle with their « freedom of the media » who will talk about it. Indeed, it is silence on their part since November 27. Their strike force, that is to say their power of diffusion and control of the perceived reality, allows them to hide reality and to continue to make us believe that they constitute a fourth power, whereas they are the servants of the dominant ones.

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