Poetry : Dystopia… or not !

In this nomadic set so offbeat A tense world, mixed with fear and blood From the fine needle to your swollen muscle The heavy and slow poison deafens, emperated. Bludgeoned, deranged, all dazedYou stretch out your arm to believe you are free And this mesh that traces itself in your body Stigma of a life broken in the background. Mask to the nettles, that’s what they say Your brain frozen on an exquisite vacation When deep inside you, a future is crawling Which may be as cold as a wall. In this moving set so fearfulA headless monster with disastrous effects Advance on sweets like a sweet gift Syringe on golden plate to tempt you. Stunned, amazed, all without thinking Faced with the sacrosanct vaccine, a genuflection It’s time to put the madness on hold That drags you towards the aftermath of sanity. Dystopia… or not ! Marie-Ange Herman …

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