Open letter to the National Council of the Belgian Medical Association

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-March 23, 2021 Ladies and Gentlemen, At its meeting on January 23, 2021, the National Council of the Order of Physicians examined the ethical aspects of the Covid-19 vaccination program. The statement issued by the Council on this occasion was a serious challenge to us. We would like to express our fundamental reservations about the message you are sending to physicians under the guise of ethics, both in terms of content and form. On the interpretation of facts and policies to combat Covid-19. 1 You welcome the actions of the Belgian authorities to limit the spread of the virus… which you consider insufficient to wipe out the virus. How can you envisage such a goal? Annihilating the virus is obviously unattainable, which you cannot ignore. 2 You state in a peremptory tone that only the general vaccination campaign will achieve this chimerical objective. What allows you to dismiss any preventive approach aimed at reinforcing the natural immunity of each individua …

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