Not totally convinced by NewB, but seeing in this initiative the good will of some people and the human attempt to act on what we can, I made a small gesture to support the bank. However, I had the desire to write on the theme, to dig, but without the time to inform myself and go further.

All these « personalities » who praise/sell this new bank, while some of them do not pronounce themselves when they have the opportunity on the horror of the causal agent: the productivist system, already seemed something suspicious. The contradiction was basically inscribed in the initial project: to talk about ethics without questioning the capitalist system, the two being deeply antagonistic. Certainly, we knew that capitalism is maintained because the majority does not move (cf., in particular, Black Friday…). However, people are at the end of their tether, and to ensure continuity in the face of the risk of revolt in the face of the slow but real awareness of the structural nature of inequities and climate disaster, it is good to create erzats of uprising, controlled « riots », distilling the illusion of profound changes that are unfortunately only proposals within the same system. Those who understand how our societies work know that an initiative like NewB is tolerated by the authorities because it does not fundamentally question the system.

This latest creation is therefore part of it, as are Extinction Rebellion, Youth for Climate, and many others(1). I do not mean to imply that those who support them understand and adhere massively to what strongly resembles a great masquerade(2), but that they must be warned and their hopes tempered. The fact that NewB has agreed to join forces with Belfius and the financial sector is enough to discredit it completely in my opinion.

This should not, however, dissociate our struggles, as those in the above mentioned movements are for the most part our allies. But it is crucial to make these clarifications. This will only make the fight more effective.

Fortunately, when we sometimes run out of time, there are others who look at these issues and deal with them in a radical way. At the risk of not pleasing, that’s the way it is. Almost everything is said here:

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  1. Voir…
  2. Il est toutefois évident que le relatif succès de ces mouvements, à l’instar des marches climatiques, réside dans cette non-radicalité.

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