Quand Le Soir parlait de Kairos...

Kairos has been publishing for more than a year some information about the « Reynders affairs », often in a media silence that speaks volumes. While a journalist from Soir is now obliged to quote Kairos, we sent him an email, to tell him that Kairos is not a  » information blog « , (after 7 years of publication, he doesn’t seem to know), what we have already done as a newspaper and that he seems to ignore, and why we exist.

Mr. Colart,

I am contacting you following the publication of your article  » L’accusateur de Reynders sort de l’ombre », in today’s Le Soir. In this one, you say:  » Having left the world of intelligence, Nicolas Ullens de Schooten will continue his crusade against the Reynders-Fontinoy « binomial ». He signs, under an assumed name, accusing articles on the information blog Kaïros. And tries to alert several journalists « .

These assertions require some correction:

- Kairos is not an« information blog », but the website of a bimonthly newspaper published by the eponymous non-profit organization, recognized by the support service for the periodical press of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation. We have been in existence for 7 years, next week we will publish our 41st newspaper (with a dossier on education, including the famous Pact of Excellence, about which you have never said anything significant in your pages. Finally, when the CEO (sic) of the Rossel group  » discusses with Mc Kinsey  » the choices of the group (1), it is understandable that he has little desire to criticize the consultancy firm in the pages of his « brand » Le Soir). Mrs. Béatrice Delvaux, especially for having made a debate with me in the cultural center of Anderlecht, knows however pertinently that Kairos is a newspaper. Obviously, in order to remain ignorant of the world in which we live, journalists need to keep their blinkers on and ignore what would invalidate their certainties (I discovered during the debate that your chief editorialist did not know what  » Les nouveaux chiens de garde », a reference work published by Serge Halimi in 1997, brilliantly demonstrating the role of the French media in supporting the dominant order). Did you, dear Mr. Colart, have any inclination to share information when the newspaper KAIROS published the scandal of the censorship of Financité by La Libre Belgique(2)? You were probably waiting for the evidence? Who were all there…

- Kairos is not written with an umlaut over the i, but with a dot. It means in Greek « the right time for change »;

- You are not well informed to say that Nicolas Ullens signed under an assumed name. Many articles related to his information were written by a Kairos journalist;

- Nicolas Ullens tried to alert several journalists, but most of the mainstream media remained deaf to his allegations. It is true that you say that your  » investigation to cross-check some of the allegations in it has so far yielded nothing ». It is obvious that given the pressures you are under (political, economic), the investigation had to be reduced to its strict minimum, like everything else that is important and that is killed in your newspaper and the others. You remain dubious about the allegations of Nicolas Ullens, yet the delays in the investigations into facts, all closely linked to Didier Reynders and his henchman Jean-Claude Fontinoy, are in themselves indicative of pressure, particularly at the level of the judiciary and the police: the judicial investigation into the relocation of the federal police to the Cité administrative has been dragging on for more than 8 years; the investigation into the Libyan funds has not been completed; the Kazakhgate affair of state is stagnating. What they have in common: Reynders.

We have been investigating the Kazaghgate (3) for months: did you relay in your pages our long and unpublished investigation? When we published the photos of Jean-Claude Fontinoy’s properties tagged (4), were you on vacation that day? Like the other dominant and alternative media, none of which relayed the information? We could go on for pages, but let’s end with Julian Assange or Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, political prisoners of shame: do these names mean anything to you (5)?

You will be kind enough to correct your erroneous information in Le Soir papier: Kairos is a newspaper, the majority of which is voluntary and tries to do the work that you have not done for a long time.

Alexandre Penasse, editor-in-chief of Kairos newspaper

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