Zionists who knowingly confuse anti-Zionism with anti-Semitism see in any criticism of something or someone closely or remotely related to Jewish identity, the irrefutable proof of anti-Semitic hatred, the beginnings of a resurgence of the Shoah. True obsessives, they use and abuse this common rhetorical formula which consists in avoiding talking about the substance of a statement by diverting attention to the so-called hidden intention of the author. This formula means that at the end, we don’t know what the article was about.

By publishing an article in the issue of Kairos about the Filigranes bookstore (Welcome to « Filigranie ») and the « modern » management of his boss, Marc Filipson — who claims to be Jewish -, it was therefore hardly surprising to see Kairos  » in the sights of the Belgian League against Antisemitism « (1)(LBCA), even though this article had nothing to do with the Jewish question.

The suspect sentence (in bold) and its context:

(…) The same day  » Zemmour was introduced with humor by Marc Filipson « , at the lunch conference of the Cercle de Lorraine, bringing together bosses, nobility, media and politicians. It is not a problem if the guest declared that  » Muslims in the French people will lead us (sic) to chaos and civil war « . Anear that, it was invited to come and eat the « galette des rois » at Filigranes, inviting the press, even though the bookshop had received threats and that employees had asked him to heed them. But greed, or the commercial soul, has its limits, and we will ask ourselvesit if there is not some predilection for the Kippa rather than the Burka. Zemmour then, but not Dieudonné.

League president Joel Rubinfeld was quick to respond:  » Why bring up someone’s confession when we are talking about management? It happens like a hair in the soup. This is suspicious. We insist on the fact that Mr. Filipson likes to sell, it reminds us of the semantic field of the Jew and the money, which we find in the extreme left ». Certainly, when one is a co-founder of the Atlantis Institute — presided over at the time by Corentin de Salle, current director of the Jean Gol Center, a study office of the Mouvement Réformateur (MR) -, an ultra-conservative think tank that promotes submission to the United States and free trade, it is better to brandish the scarecrow of anti-Semitism as soon as one criticizes modern management techniques, which the ultra-liberals are crazy about. Godwin’s law(2) is therefore there to avoid talking about what is taken for granted (ultraliberalism, whose inequality and injustice are consubstantial to it).


Firstly, it must be emphasized that it is not the confession that is being discussed, but the difference in treatment. We will also remind Joel Rubinfeld that indignation should not be selective, and that when faced with certain misdeeds denounced in the press, we should be outraged that a religious or ethnic identity can be associated with them (« the token Arab »), as is however common. Secondly, since it is the different treatment that we are talking about, we will have to say like Islamophobia, inadmissible in the same way as anti-Semitism, right? generally seems to arouse less indignation from the zealous defenders of anti-racism.

Is it perhaps because behind the systematic characterization of anti-Semitism, one avoids questioning the Israeli colonization of Palestine, the robberies, massacres and mass deportations of the Naqba, 70 years ago; the current assassinations and violations of human rights, the shooting of snipers of the Israeli army on defenseless demonstrators while the moving of the American embassy to Jerusalem was celebrated with great pomp; the massacres of the enclosed people of Gaza?

Perhaps it is therefore wise to listen to the words of Hajo Meyer, deported in 1944 to Auschwitz, number « 179679 », saying: « If we want to remain truly human, we must wake up and call the Zionists what they are: Nazi criminals, » Meyer said.. The German hatred of the Jews « was less deeply rooted than the hatred of Palestinians by Israeli Jews, » he observed. « The brainwashing of the Jewish population of Israel has been going on for over sixty years. They cannot see a Palestinian as a human being. » « (3).

Neither Islamophobic nor anti-Semitic. Lucid, just opposed to the oppression of one people by another, refusing the ongoing eradication of the Palestinians, while the international community most often looks the other way, while the unrepentant diggers of anti-Semitic acts are busy rejecting any criticism of Israel, to the great benefit of its colonial work, and thus of destructive capitalism.

Notes et références
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  3. If we want to stay really human beings, we must get up and call the Zionists what they are: Nazi criminals,’ Meyer said. The hate of the Jews by the Germans ‘was less deeply rooted than the hate of the Palestinians by the Israeli Jews,’ he observed. ‘The brainwashing of the Jewish Israeli populations is going on for over sixty years. They cannot see a Palestinian as a human being.’…

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