Intellectual Survival Manual for Non-Vaccinees of COVID-19

By not being vaccinated, the non-vaccinated are « blamed » for not being responsible and for not showing solidarity.

So let’s talk about responsibility and solidarity.

Regarding responsibility, there are two strange and bizarre things:

Firstly, pharmaceutical companies have asked the states (European, etc.) for a disclaimer.

The companies want to have their cake and eat it too, but not the farmer’s smile (the payment of the side effects is not foreseen in the business plan?)… At the limit, « we » are willing to accept the gift of non-liability to the companies if the same clause of non-liability of the non-vaccinated citizens is applied…

Secondly, the States do not take their responsibility: they do not want to assume the side effects that will happen to the vaccinated people (the increase of d‑dimer, miscarriages, pulmonary embolism, myocarditis, pericarditis, digestive artery thrombosis, etc.) They do not even invite the doctors to look for them: the States do not send to the doctors (generalists or specialists) guidelines to look for them… We do not know if the Belgian State — responsible for an eventual vaccination obligation towards the nursing staff — will foresee indemnities to them if it makes the vaccination obligation towards these same persons (?) …

The companies ask for a disclaimer and the States declare themselves not responsible if there are side effects while the non-vaccinated citizens must show themselves responsible…

This is called asymmetry: « double standards ».

In another article, we illustrated solidarity by discussing the metaphor of the goalkeeper: if the goalkeeper is kicked off the field by a coach, the team will always lose the game. This is only possible if the coach is psychopathic…

Which physician is the goalkeeper in a health care system concerned with the health of a population?

The answer is the … general practitioner.

Then the question that comes up is: why did the coach (the state) put the goalkeeper (the GP) off the field (without treating the sick)?

Why are non-vaccinated citizens being asked to show solidarity while general practitioners are not in the field? Some physicians do not see patients or ask for a PCR test before seeing the patient with COVID-19 or other conditions. This becomes irresponsible healing…

In addition, there is a Belgian peculiarity: Belgium is not a surreal country but a fragmented one. Fragmentation is THE characteristic of schizophrenia. Belgium is therefore a schizophrenic country with 9 ministers who take care (?) of the health of the inhabitants of Belgium …

This fragmentation allows the irresponsibility of all the political actors who deal with health while the non-vaccinated citizen (the subject or the object of all the attention?) is reproached for not being responsible towards the other citizens… In the same way, this outrageous reproach has its corollary of guilt-tripping, of ostracism painfully experienced by the non-vaccinated.

It is time to stop this fragmentation and this Belgian institutional lasagne. And to return to a central decision-making unit without this multiplicity of decision-making irresponsibilities.

It is up to each of us to assume our responsibilities without prevarication. Or let’s stop talking about the irresponsibility of the non-vaccinated. And that doctors treat both vaccinated and unvaccinated patients with the same respect and that they reread the Hippocratic Oath which invites them to treat every patient with dignity.

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