Impro slide show

The game where we tell the vacations we did not spend by commenting on the photos we did not take: 


a large stock of recovered slides a slide projector
sheets and a pencil

game rules

Game for 2 to 20 players
from 10 / 12 years old

Before the game begins, the players each prepare prepare a few lists of 5 words each (they write 5 words or expressions per card, example: diplomatic suitcase / hallucinogenic strawberry charlotte / artificial sphincter / the sirens of the Alexandria lighthouse are still singing the same tune / a cantankerous mite and some vacation themes (example: how I found out my uncle was the godfather of a mafia by spending 10 days at his house / I spent my vacations at the L. A. lookalike convention / why I ended up in prison in Kuala Lumpur / my holidays in the footsteps of Jacques Brel etc).A. / why I ended up in jail in Kuala Lumpur / my vacation in the footsteps of Jacques Brel etc.…) 

Then the game is played individually or in teams (of two or three). 

The player or team that will start is chosen and the others, who will constitute the audience, compose a rack of 10 slides by choosing the best slides from the pile at disposal and the way to link them. 

Before starting, the player or team picks a card with the theme of the adventure to be told
and an index card with the 5 words he/she must include in his/her commentary. The goal of the game is obviously to place them as naturally as possible:! Without the audience guessing that these are the words to place. 

The player or team then begins commenting on the slides he/she discovers as he/she goes along. 

At the end of the 10 slides, the audience tries to guess which words to place. 

Then we move on to another player or team, and so on until the end of the slides or the desire. 

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