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Press conference on September 17, 2021

616 days since the press conference of April 15, 2020, where we introduced in the room  » a politically biased question « , which  » is not the habit of journalists « , says Sophie Wilmès. The habit of journalists is to ask the questions that politicians expect and to comment on their decisions, rather than to seek the truth. The mass media do not play the role of a fourth estate, but rather manufacture consent. Not being adept at such collusion, the political power will close the doors of press conferences for more than eight months. We were not counting on our determination…

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, Kairos will publish the 17 press conferences we attended. More than 20 unanswered questions. In front of them, no doubts, no questioning, no desire to understand, but a fixed, rigid end that justifies all their means.

Imagine for a moment if all these issues had been debated democratically. Do you think we would be there today?


-Alexander De Croo: Mr. Penasse, we missed you.

-Alexandre Penasse: Ah, that’s nice!

-ADC: Well, there were several times when you didn’t come…

-AP: Your goal is to vaccinate as many people as possible, including children. However, more and more scientists are speaking out in favor ofto suspend vaccination in view of the number of deaths and worrying post-vaccination side effects. Maybe they are wrong, but maybe not. I propose you as it is normal in a democracy to come and debate with these people. Do you accept?

-ADC: You’ve already asked that question, sir. If there were really, as you say, a lot of side effects, a lot of deaths, why would that be something that only you know about then? It’s still pretty amazing. In total, more than 5 billion doses have been administered worldwide. In Belgium, 8.5 million people have been vaccinated. Our services are following this closely. There is no indication that the vaccine is unsafe. You have information that no one else has. It’s possible, but it’s pretty amazing.

-AP: But it’s debatable.

-ADC: Sir, I am ready to debate many things, but with people who are serious about it.

-AP: One more quick question. Why apply a Covid Safe Ticket that will segregate peopleIt is known that vaccinated people can still be contaminated and contagious. I assume you’re looking at the numbers from Israel, the US and the UK.

-ADC: As I said in my introduction, vaccines are safe and vaccines reduce the risk of getting sick or ending up in the hospital by more than 90%. Moreover, in all European countries, we can see that in those countries where there is a lot of vaccination, the epidemiological situation is clearly improving. So I find it a little odd that you continue to doubt. It’s a bit like doubting the fact that the sun rises every morning. You see every day that vaccines work, you see that there are more and more people who are motivated to do it. So if you say « I don’t believe in it », that’s your choice. But please don’t endanger others.

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