Do not hope, act

It’s like telling the troops that the enemy has retreated. Lowering their weapons and their guard at the same time, they would no longer be able to see that a rival faction was ready to assault them from an ambush position.

The same thing is likely to happen with today’s « big news »:  » State ordered to lift all covid measures within 30 days « . It is hard to imagine that within 30 days we will be out of the state of stupor in which the government and its media have plunged us for a year.

Of course, the justice system sometimes does its job, but the separation of powers is more of a fable than a reality. As for the fine of 5,000 € per day, you will have to read to the end to discover that the total amount cannot exceed 200,000 €… peanuts for the State.

What if the social body, weakened by the good news, was more inclined to be fooled? Let’s remember in the Netherlands, when the court in The Hague ruled that the Dutch government should end the curfew in force, while the riots against the covid measures were in full swing(1): the same day, the Dutch Court of Appeal suspended the judgment 2.

The article in Le Soir, a daily newspaper that has been working for the past year on pedagogy through fear to convince Belgians to obey, ends today’s article with a note that could not be clearer:

« It would be surprising if the state did not appeal this decision. Note that the « pandemic » law, intended to put an end to these problems, will be debated this Wednesday afternoon in committee in the House ». (2)

So here we are reassured: the State will not stay on this decision (it would be naive to believe it, when behind these liberticidal policies, there is something else than a simple reactivity to a « pandemic »). Let’s also think that the Pandemic law, on which the Parliament is considering, will be influenced by this complaint of the League of Human Rights, with the risk to precipitate it.

And what if all of this would promote the enshrinement in law of a permanent state of emergency?

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