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Almost 600 days since our first press conference, many questions, no answer in the form of a dialogue, no questioning or doubts from the power in front. Memory of those hours spent showing you that they work for something other than the common good, while they cut off the microphone, started the end credits in the middle of a question, prevented us from entering the conference for more than eight months… state censorship. Imagine for a moment, if all these questions had been debated democratically… CODECO N°1 15 APRIL 2020 ‑Alexandre Penasse: You often thank the Belgians for their participation and their obedience, their civility. You also talk about a before and after Covid-19. So I really wonder if there will be an after covid19? And I’m going to be a bit disturbing, I’m going to tell you about Mr. Philippe De Backer who worked from 2009 to 2011 at Vesalius Biocapital, and you choose him as head of the task force in charge of the research of essential materials to fight aga …

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