Clean up and rebuild

Tiny dust in the universe, this planet is home to millions of species, some of which are still unknown to us. Among them, we humans have inherited a great capacity to use the resources of the environment, to transform them. But we are insatiable, driven by an ever-increasing thirst for conquest and power. Wisdom, love and empathy, which are supposed to act as a counterbalance, have not prevented the overexploitation of both human and environmental resources by a privileged few. Drugged by power, they have lost their humanity. Their relationship with the other has become perverse. Money alone dictates the rules. And they savor their supremacy by inflicting submission. To establish this superiority, the people must accept it. The strategies are well known: to entertain, to corrupt, to guilt, to terrorize, to divide, to deceive, to confuse … remaining in the shadows as much as possible. Capitalism is a powerful ideological tool to make everyone believe that they have a place and a ch …
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