Clean up and rebuild

Tiny dust in the universe, this planet is home to millions of species, some of which are still unknown to us. Among them, we humans have inherited a great capacity to use the resources of the environment, to transform them. But we are insatiable, driven by an ever-increasing thirst for conquest and power. Wisdom, love and empathy, which are supposed to act as a counterbalance, have not prevented the overexploitation of both human and environmental resources by a privileged few. Drugged by power, they have lost their humanity. Their relationship with the other has become perverse. Money alone dictates the rules. And they savor their supremacy by inflicting submission. 

To establish this superiority, the people must accept it. The strategies are well known: to entertain, to corrupt, to guilt, to terrorize, to divide, to deceive, to confuse … remaining in the shadows as much as possible. Capitalism is a powerful ideological tool to make everyone believe that they have a place and a chance in this exploitative system. But it is based on the principle of infinite growth. 

We are witnessing the limits of this model. And the powerful, in order to keep their advantages, will have to come out in the open, and impose their liberticidal rules openly, and perhaps reduce the mass of their less favored contemporaries. These motives, sometimes admitted(1), often remain hidden behind pious pretexts. 

After terrorism and untraceable weapons of mass destruction(2), why not a dangerous virus. And even if it doesn’t kill so much, it will be made to look like, through the bought media(3), that it threatens to overload the care capacities, reduced beforehand, and that we will be careful not to increase. Thus, it will be possible to produce a « savior » vaccine, in accordance with the collective thought, to make more money, while restricting the freedoms and why not the survival, without anyone suspecting anything. 

Is health, that most precious of goods, under threat? 

This was enough to subdue the rabble that was already gathering in the streets to protest. Confined, the yellow vests and climate defenders! 

And the crisis, already well underway, will be caused by this common, invisible enemy, not by governance. 

The power acquired by +Big Pharma has become colossal. Billionaires and banks have their shares all over the world. These benefactors of humanity hide gigantic financial interests. And the scandals(4), which are not lacking, do not seem to slow them down. The people are amnesiac, or apathetic. 

To put people to sleep, there is nothing like perverting words. Thus we call democracy what is only a plutocratic oligarchy. Alexis de Toqueville said it already in the 19th century:  » I donot fear universal suffrage, people will vote as they are told.  » We have all contributed, out of comfort and conformity, to maintain and feed this system that is now creating our downfall. 

In a true democracy, the people should be able to vote and repeal their laws and, if necessary, remove a corrupt official from office. Political offices should be assigned by lot. To do this, the school would train to understand political, social, economic and ecological systems. Independent media would continue this training. Independence would also be assured at the political level. 

It is therefore from the youth that we must start. But what is the current situation? We claim to train young people? We are just formatting them. We stifle their creativity. A school program is set up to make them productive and obedient. It is not about understanding the political system, let alone criticizing it. Instead of relying on each other, they fight each other for points awarded by the masters they must serve, as they must serve society. They will define themselves by their profession. Where is the freedom? 

As in ancient Egypt, we continue to build pyramids with the hope of climbing to the top. But that means crushing those below. Love, sharing… What is their place in this logic? Production, consumption, profit, follow each other in an upward spiral, a vicious circle without end, disregarding the limits of the planet, the ecosystems and the human being himself. We hit the ceiling but the pressure doesn’t stop. There must be an end to this madness. It is approaching. But how? Dampened transition or chaos? The future of young people, previously clear, is becoming increasingly obscured and covered by a thick fog of uncertainty. But youth is a force, like nature, like the blade of grass that grows between the paving stones. I want to believe that it will regain its rights, that it will find its way to the light that nourishes it. 

For this change to take place, it will be necessary to awaken. Let’s not neglect the propensity to obey (Milgram)(5). It is so painful to dare to look the truth in the face, to get out of the comfortable illusion that our leaders are good, caring parents. This means we have to gather our forces and start pruning, cleaning and rebuilding. But how to do it? Where to start? What to put instead? This is a wonderful human adventure that awaits us. 

Frédéric Goaréguer, child psychiatrist 

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