Censorship as a system

While politicians and the media censor and do not want certain legitimate questions to reach the ears of citizens, it is essential to give you articles that highlight the structure and functioning of these media. 

Media and politics are thus intimately linked in a form of organization where one serves the other, without there being any conspiracy. In this context, press conferences are great dress rehearsals, and serve only one purpose: the show. 

Curious, isn’t it, that our web developer had her site hacked last night? What a coincidence… Those who talk about freedom and restrict it when it does not serve their interests…

We are preparing a video (to be published today or tomorrow) that will follow up on our questioning of yesterday, April 15, at the press conference of Sophie Wilmès, including the second question, which was censored. 

We can’t answer the thousands of messages, but THANK YOU ALL! 

Four articles, to teach us how to apprehend those who say they protect us against Fake News when they are the main architects of it. Which will make you understand, among other things, why François de Brigode, reverent, does not ask any disturbing question to Sophie Wilmès in the evening news of April 15, or the magic formula taken out of the hat by RTL (« complot »).(1)

Let’s take the time to understand. As the Greek historian Thucydides said: « You must choose, rest or be free ». 


Notes et références
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