In each edition of Kairos, the Foire aux Savoir-Faire offers you one of its recipes.

The objective of the know-how fair is to give the taste and the techniques to *do it yourself* for the pleasure of learning, to exercise one’s creativity, to soften one’s impact on the environment and to adjust one’s consumption to one’s needs. As much as possible, the recipes she proposes during her animations, which are all listed on her website, are based on recycled materials. Its workshops are open to all, in a collaborative and experimental spirit; they allow everyone to come and make a repair, an object, test a recipe, invent one, using the tools and the material of recuperation put at disposal.

— 2 vinyl records
— a pan (like a big wok)
— enough to heat the pan
— a pair of pliers (wooden or tool)

— heat the water; when it is hot, the vinyl soaked in it will soften. It is then moldable, as soon as it cools, it re-hardens.
— dip each disc in turn to shape the small rim (which will serve as a foot and hold the newspapers.
— put the two discs back to back and soak them in hot water. Take both discs at the same time and twist the part opposite the rim and roll it so that the two discs stay together.

Then refine the spacing of the discs so that the display stands on its own.

This display will be used for the Kairos newspaper and for the bookstores that requested it.

So, to those who have old records, a little time… your help is welcome: make a display for your bookstore!

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