A « conspiracy » article about the new government *

For a few days now, Belgium has had a full-fledged government, having been granted confidence in Parliament by a good majority of MPs. It is composed of men and women from the seven parties that have decided to unite to lead the country. Beyond the beautiful family photo, who is hiding behind these political actors?

If Belgium illustrates itself by its openness by having a transgender minister — of the Public Service -, Petra De Sutter, a gynecologist, recognized worldwide in this specialty, with no known criminal record, who has exercised her political functions with Groen without any problem (she has beaten Christophe Calvo to his ministerial post, but this is an internal issue for the ecolos), at the same time, the media focus on her private life offers a sweet distraction that makes it possible to avoid talking about her colleagues. However, there is matter…

Among the politicians who are part of this ministerial team, a significant number deserve to be examined, to dig up their past and recall their pedigree.


Nepotism is defined as the abuse of influence by a person in power in favor of family and friends. In this respect, De Croo and his friends have reached the top: 

  • Alexander De Croo, the new Prime Minister, is the son of Herman De Croo, former minister;
  • Mathieu Michel is the brother of former Prime Minister Charles Michel, both sons of Louis Michel, former Minister of Foreign Affairs;
  • Ludivine Dedonder, Minister of Defense, is the companion of the mayor of Tournai, Paul-Olivier Delannois;
  • Sarah Schlitz, Secretary of State for Gender Equality, Opportunities and Diversity, is the granddaughter of a former mayor of Liege, Henri Schlitz.

In addition, many of our ministers were already present in the previous government. Alexander De Croo was for example Minister of Finance. He therefore had authority over the Special Tax Inspection (Isi). The mere mention of her name makes one cringe. It is known to be formidable. Did Minister De Croo give him a free hand to track down tax fraud?

In fact, he reduced the efforts of the Isi to nothing by appointing a certain Yannic Hulot as its head(1). The man is of Walloon origin, but his wife belongs to the Moorkens family. The latter is considered a member of the Flemish economic aristocracy. « De rijkste belgen » ranks this family and its Alcopa group as the 376th wealthiest in Belgium with a capital of 50.419.000€. The boss of the Isi spends his weekends between Knokke and Verbier… The gamekeeper also shares his time with poachers. Needless to say, Hulot has destroyed all attempts to expose the truth about the tax evasion of the big Flemish families. Aren’t we right in the middle of the definition of nepotism?

Alexander De Croo reduced the efforts of the Special Tax Inspectorate to nothing by appointing Yannic Hulot as its head, whose wife belongs to the Moorkens family, the 376th wealthiest in Belgium with a capital of € 50,419,000

Under De Croo, whistleblowers who could provide information about massive tax evasion in Flanders were not welcome.

and other scandals

We also have a new Secretary of State named Thomas Dermine. A real little prodigy. He is a graduate of Harvard and was director of the Emile Vandervelde Institute (the study center of the Socialist Party). He was even elected « Walloon of the Year. Thanks to him, we have found a way to relocate the Caterpillar site in Gosselies. By paying 50 million euros into an account in a tax haven (British Virgin Island), a Chinese company called Thunder Power manufacturing electric cars was going to set up in the largest Walloon city. Yet, not a single Chinese person in sight — if you try to do the same, you should have problems with Isi, which we just mentioned. Although the file was studied by Sogepa and a large consulting firm, Deloitte… The bill for the latter is already a scandal in itself. No one knows if all or part of the 50 million has been paid out. When will Mr. Dermine make his next blunder? As far as it is a blunder…

Mathieu Michel, the aforementioned « son of » and « brother of », became Secretary of State. But what will he do in the new government? Officially, he becomes Secretary of State in charge of the Digital Agenda and Digital. This is a dream come true when you see the mediocrity of your own website. However, another competence falls to it: the Building Authority. This company is responsible for the Belgian State’s real estate. Didier Reynders and his accomplice, Jean-Claude Fontinoy, had sold a part of this real estate at a low price to crooked promoters and for hidden commissions. The Michel clan will have decided that it was their turn, probably.

The new Minister of Health is Frank Vandenbroucke. He is a high-flying intellectual, but some have not forgotten that he resigned from the Dehaene government following his involvement in the Agusta affair. This massive corruption case was linked to the purchase of Agusta helicopters by the Belgian army. Vandenbroucke is said to have burned five million Belgian francs, the equivalent of the Flemish Socialists’ share of the corruption package. We believe it…

It is truly amazing to see Mr. Vandenbroucke return to the post of Minister of Health, when there are many suspicions of corruption in Belgian politics regarding the government’s attitude in the fight against Covid-19. The problem of Belgium’s emergency purchase of a vaccine against this disease is in addition to those related to the highly criticized PCR tests. Let’s not talk about the scandals linked to the purchase of masks by Belgium…

There is also David Clarinval, Mayor of Bievres, who is suspected of conflicts of interest: he would have favored the company with dad, Clarvinval construction, for the construction of a community hall (60,000 €) as well as the refreshment room and changing rooms of the soccer club (140,000 €)(2). But no, it must be a mistake, eh, David, the politician works for the common good, right?

Gilkinet still remains, who becomes Minister of Mobility, with authority over the SNCB, headed by Fontinoy. The latter had financed its electoral engine: a gourmet walk in the village of Mozet. Or how not to be bothered anymore by the one who, as a deputy, caused some trouble to the whole clique involved in the Kazakhgate(3).

Tongues are also wagging at the MR following the various crises of confidence regarding its president Georges-Louis Bouchez and the appointments of MR officials in the new government.  » Disgusting image « ,  » mafia clan operation « , etc.

« Complotist »… or « Flemish nationalist

In conclusion, anyone who criticizes this new government will quickly be accused of conspiracy. Or as an ally of Flemish nationalism. Indeed, the NVA and Vlaams belang form 80% of the opposition. However, there is much to criticize, with a cast that is chilling: ministers linked to serious corruption cases, other « sons of » and/or notoriously incompetent in the fields entrusted to them, etc.

The Flemish voter is likely to vote ruthlessly in a few years. How can we also combine fire and water with the PTB, a communist party? Our new ministers know this and could be tempted by the siren song of corruption, in order to get rich as fast as possible, knowing that it will not last.

* Please avoid reading (do not throw away on the public road, it could be recovered).

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