Year 02 — We unplug everything, we think, and it’s not sad

« The ecology germinated on the vitrified ground of Hiroshima, on the beaches soiled by the Amoco Cadiz, in the silent spring of the DDT, as in the concreted caisson of Tchernobyl. Forty years after, the slogan of Gébé and his band of L’An 01 did not lose anything of its imperious necessity; more than ever, it is urgent to say with them: « We stop everything, we think and it is not sad ». So it’s time for Year 02. » 

Long life to L’an 02! 

This is the second issue of this biannual, available on request (7 euros postage included), by subscription (10 euros/year), in bookstores. 

In Belgium, you will find L’An 02 at / Brussels : Le Joli Mai, rue Paul Dejaer (St Gilles) — Tropismes, galerie des Princes 11 — Microboutiek, cinéma Nova, rue Arenberg — Librairie Volders, avenue Jean Volders 40 (St Gilles) /Liège : Auprès du mpOC de Liège — Entre-Temps, Barricade, rue Pierreuse 19 — Livre aux trésors, place Xavier-Neujean 27A — Varia, rue des Mineurs 8 — Librairie de la Place (Tilff)

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