Two doctors before the Council of Appeal of the Order of Physicians

On Monday, October 18, 2021, Dr. Gaëtane Beeckaert and Dr. Hilde Desmet appeared before the Council of Appeal of the Order of Physicians in Brussels. The first was criticized for her critical publication on vaccines and the second for having spoken about masks differently than the official discourse, but also, which earned her a second 6‑month suspension, for having done the same thing with vaccines.
As Dr. Beeckaert explained: « It is not a question of « winning » the trial, but of making a sensation, of provoking an « electroshock ». To show that we, doctors, scientists, lawyers, journalists and citizens, have a different vision of the current situation. The Belgian Justice seems to be corrupt according to several lawyers, and this is why I want to make of my trial a kind of « demonstration » and that « symbolically » in front of the Court, in front of the Order of the Doctors. I also see this event as an opportunity to connect, to give hope, to support each other, to do good: the power of UNITY. In fact, it’s not about « me », it’s about our FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION, our Democracy, our Freedom, our Wellness, our Care and our Medicine ».

Thanks to our citizen-reporter Daniel!


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